SA to cut laws that pro­tect re­li­gious con­fes­sional

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Typ­i­cal lefty thoughts to con­tinue at­tack­ing Chris­tian­ity with­out putting re­al­is­tic and prac­ti­cal thoughts on the de­tails of how to po­lice it or pro­tect peo­ple from false ac­cu­sa­tions. If peo­ple think that child abusers will now go to con­fes­sion, they are dream­ing. There is more child abuse these days out­side of the church and we seem to be do­ing noth­ing to ad­dress this. PETER I am Catholic and I do not be­lieve a crime told in the con­fes­sional should be kept se­cret. The process should be to es­cort the of­fender to the po­lice — and they should be aware that is the process. The con­fes­sional deals with ex­pung­ing sins for the af­ter­life. The jus­tice sys­tem deals with sins of this life. Chil­dren and vic­tims of sex­ual crimes and other vi­o­lent crimes must be pro­tected at all costs. I doubt if child sex­ual abusers would even con­fess though if that was the out­come. What about psy­chol­o­gists, lawyers and doc­tors? KEVIN Imag­ine a world where churches paid busi­ness tax on their tril­lions of dol­lar as­sets and bil­lions of dol­lar in­comes. Poverty world­wide would be wiped out. The trou­ble is, all re­li­gions and churches are ef­fec­tively par­a­sites on the poor of the world, suck­ing them dry. When a per­son “con­fesses” they “want” pun­ish­ment to ab­solve them. This can only come through the le­gal sys­tem. DAVID As has been said by Catholic priests over and over again dur­ing the Royal Com­mis­sion, child abusers sim­ply do not con­fess their sins to a priest. None of them who tes­ti­fied had ever heard such a con­fes­sion. This is point­less feel-good leg­is­la­tion. JU­LIA Of course the of­fender will con­fess with the full knowl­edge he will be re­ported by the priest. Time for some re­al­ity, folks. Guess­ing it can be ex­panded to lawyers, politi­cians and the jour­nal­ists who at times have had full knowl­edge of crimes, sex or oth­er­wise, and were mute at the time. Sus­pect it is just an­other feel good piece of leg­is­la­tion. GLENDA About time too. Next step is to start tax­ing re­li­gious de­nom­i­na­tions like any other or­gan­i­sa­tion. DARYL

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