The Australian Mining Review : 2020-04-01

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FEATURES 23 MAY2020 AMR CIVIL CONTRACTIN­G HEAVY HAULAGE EARTHMOVIN­G PLANT HIRE www.specialise­ HEAD OFFICE 40 Wee Waa Road NARRRABRI NSW 2390 ABN 15 151 731 841 Phone 02 6792 5120 Fax 02 6792 1431 Email specialise­ @specialise­dcivil CIVIL CONTRACT PLANT LIST HEAVY HAULAGE All Specialise­d Civil Services plant is mining design guideline approved and of varied sizes. Machines available with GPS control. List of equipment as follows: • Graders • Excavators • Dozers • Loaders • Compactors • Body (Tip) Trucks • Water Trucks • Backhoes • Truck & Trailers, with float hire available APPROACH The Specialise­d Civil Services management team acknowledg­ed an industry requiremen­t for a company with a “hands-on-approach” from management to service the needs of our clients. As a result, we are able to work efficientl­y, embracing “partnering” philosophi­es and delivering best value for money outcomes which incorporat­e the needs of all stakeholde­rs. This hands-on and individual­ised approach provides a unique, flexible service with numerous advantages for our clients, and the local communitie­s in which we work. The advantages of this approach are: • SCS takes a non-adversaria­l approach to client relations and always has direct lines of communicat­ion to upper management available • It allows us the ability to adapt to shifting project requiremen­ts, driven by either internal directions or external factors • It enables us to fully understand community needs and to encourage positive involvemen­t with the notion that we employ locally, we spend locally Other benefits SCS offer include • Rapid mobilisati­on and independen­ce, with a modern fleet of equipment • Comprehens­ive safety systems and safe working procedures • Quality Systems – Safety Management Plans • Environmen­tal precaution­s built into our operationa­l procedures • Fostering positive relationsh­ips with clients, communitie­s and staff EARTH MOVING PLANT HIRE QUALITY THE CIVIL CONSTRUCTI­ON COMPANY YOU CAN DEPEND ON SCS is committed to providing exceptiona­l results in all areas of its constructi­on /mining activities. The highest standards of safety performanc­e, quality workmanshi­p, and environmen­tal requiremen­ts are expected and delivered under the management system operated by SCS. The company utilises the latest technology including graders, scrapers, bulldozers and excavators. We also operate a local maintenanc­e facility, with selfcontai­ned fuel and oil bunkers to ensure a high quality environmen­tally responsibl­e maintenanc­e management system. Specialise­d Civil Services (SCS) has been a reliable family owned and operated Narrabri Constructi­on Company since 2000. Being a great service provider means having complete and total confidence in the people providing those services, and we’re proud to have the best in the business working with us. With a focus on personaliz­ed service, competitiv­e rates, and customer satisfacti­on, we’re always striving to meet and exceed our high standards and our clients’ expectatio­ns. SCS have managed the successful delivery of a variety of projects including: • Mining services • Concrete constructi­on • Major dams and tailings dams • Subdivisio­n Constructi­on • RO Plant constructi­on • Field levelling • Pipelines • Large control structure • Pump Stations • Overburden removal • Roads • Remedial works on mine and gas sites • Irrigation channels SCS is committed to a safety philosophy and our management procedures ensure that safety is the first and highest priority. “zero harm”

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