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Most pre­serves, un­less spec­i­fied in the recipe, can be stored in a cool, dark place. The area needs to have a con­stant air flow – pre­serves ex­posed to light dur­ing stor­age will dis­colour. If the cli­mate you live in is hot, wet or hu­mid, the safest place to store pre­serves is in the fridge. Once a jar of any pre­serve is opened, it must be stored in the fridge. If stored prop­erly, most un­opened pre­serves can last for up to a year. How­ever, it’s worth not­ing that as a pre­serve ages it will grad­u­ally change in colour and tex­ture – usu­ally be­com­ing darker and thicker. The pre­serve is still fine to eat, pro­vid­ing it smells good and is mould-free. It is not safe to eat any food that has be­come mouldy dur­ing stor­age.

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