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The cave is made up of three cakes, so while it may look fid­dly and com­pli­cated, it isn’t. The kids’ll think you used magic to make it.

5 x 340g pack­ets cho­co­late cake mix

¼ cup (25g) co­coa pow­der brown food colour­ing

30cm x 40cm pre­pared board


1 cup (160g) ic­ing sugar

1 ta­ble­spoon wa­ter black food colour­ing


375g but­ter, soft­ened

4½ cups (720g) ic­ing sugar

½ cup (125ml) milk


2 ta­ble­spoons shred­ded co­conut green, brown and black food colour­ing spearmint leaves green jelly snakes

3 bam­boo skew­ers

2 tooth­picks fruit bat jel­lies yel­low jelly snake red jelly snake red and yel­low boiled lol­lies

50g Toblerone cho­co­late bar

80g milk cho­co­late sul­tanas

1 Pre­heat oven to 180°C/160°C fan. Grease and line a deep 23cm square cake pan and 20cm x 30cm lam­ing­ton pan; grease a 1.75−litre (7−cup) pudding steamer.

2 Make two of the packet cakes ac­cord­ing to di­rec­tions on pack­ets; pour into square cake pan. Make re­main­ing packet cakes; pour 4½ cups of mix­ture into pudding steamer, pour re­main­ing mix­ture into lam­ing­ton pan. Bake square cake for 1¼ hours; bake cake in steamer for 50 min­utes and cake in lam­ing­ton pan for 40 min­utes. Stand cakes for 10 min­utes be­fore turn­ing onto wire racks to cool.

3 Us­ing a ser­rated knife, level tops of all cakes.

4 Us­ing pic­ture on page 78 as a guide, cut wall from square cake and cut base from rec­tan­gu­lar cake. Carve out mouth of cave from pudding cake. 5 Make the black glacé ic­ing and but­ter cream.

6 Pour black glacé ic­ing into cave. Turn cake to evenly coat in­side of cave. Stand un­til set.

7 Beat sifted co­coa and brown colour­ing into but­ter cream. Place base, cut−side down, on pre­pared board; spread with but­ter cream. Spread but­ter cream all over wall cake; stand wall be­hind base so that the wall is po­si­tioned to one end of the base.

8 Slice back of pudding cake (cave) so it will fit flat against the wall. Spread but­ter cream all over out­side of cave; po­si­tion on top of base, against the wall. Smooth but­ter cream to cover any joins.

9 Com­bine co­conut with green colour­ing in a small plas­tic bag, rub to­gether un­til co­conut is coloured; sprin­kle over cake where you are go­ing to place the vines. Po­si­tion green snakes and spearmint leaves to re­sem­ble vines.

10 Dab a drop of brown colour­ing onto ab­sorbent pa­per, wipe along length of bam­boo skew­ers and tooth­picks to colour.

11 Push skew­ers and tooth­picks into bat lol­lies. Us­ing a small paint­brush, paint front of bat lol­lies with black food colour­ing; po­si­tion in and around cave to sug­gest fly­ing bats.

12 Us­ing pic­ture as a guide, dec­o­rate cake with re­main­ing lol­lies to com­plete bat cave.


Sift ic­ing sugar into a small heat­proof bowl; stir in the wa­ter and colour­ing. Stir over small saucepan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter un­til ic­ing is spread­able.


Beat but­ter in a large bowl with an elec­tric mixer un­til as white as pos­si­ble. Grad­u­ally beat in half the sifted ic­ing sugar, milk, then re­main­ing ic­ing sugar.

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