The Australian Women’s Weekly Food Magazine - - Cake Of The Month -

To cut the cake, use ei­ther a fine ser­rated knife or a thin−bladed one. Make sure the knife is do­ing the work by mov­ing it in a saw­ing mo­tion with­out ap­ply­ing too much down­ward pres­sure; oth­er­wise, the fill­ing will ooze out. Once cut, you can then sep­a­rate the slices into serv­ings of four lay­ers each. −−−−−−−−−− An off−set or cranked spat­ula or pal­ette knife will make it eas­ier to spread the ganache and cof­fee cream. −−−−−−−−−−

Cake lay­ers can be made a day ahead; layer be­tween bak­ing pa­per in an air­tight con­tainer. Cake is best as­sem­bled up to 3 hours ahead.

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