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2 pack­ets but­ter cake mix 225g pack­aged sponge roll

(see tip)

2 quan­ti­ties Vi­enna Cream

(recipe below left) red food colour­ing blue food colour­ing pur­ple food colour­ing apri­cot food colour­ing green food colour­ing

8 jube rings thin licorice choco­late sprin­kles wooden skewer coloured pop­corn 1 pipecleaner wooden ice­block sticks 20 round choco­late bis­cuits as­sorted sweets

(as shown)

1 ice­cream wafer

1 board, straight or curved,

100cm x 20cm

1 Make cakes ac­cord­ing to di­rec­tions on packet, di­vide mix­ture evenly be­tween four greased 25cm x 8cm bar tins, bake in mod­er­ate oven 30 min­utes or un­til cooked when tested. Turn cakes on to wire rack to cool.

2 Cut bar cakes in half ver­ti­cally to give eight equal pieces, re­serve five of these to make tops of the four car­riages and back of en­gine, cut re­main­ing three pieces in half hor­i­zon­tally to give six equal pieces, five of which form the bases of the en­gine and four car­riages; cut off one quar­ter of re­main­ing piece to add to en­gine base to ex­tend it, dis­card re­main­ing three quar­ters.

Cut a 4cm wide slice from sponge roll, hold slice up­right and cut out smoke stack shape with a 2.5cm plain cut­ter, as shown; use the rest of the sponge roll for en­gine. As­sem­ble cake, as shown, on pre­pared board. 3 Di­vide Vi­enna Cream into five equal por­tions, tint one por­tion with red food colour­ing, one with blue food colour­ing, one with pur­ple food colour­ing, one with apri­cot food colour­ing and one with green food colour­ing; cover tops and sides of the en­gine and car­riages each with dif­fer­ent-coloured Vi­enna Cream, as shown. Join car­riages with pairs of jube rings: split one ring, push the other ring through it, press on to Vi­enna Cream. Out­line en­gine and tops of car­riages with thin licorice, as shown. Cover top and sides of smoke stack with red Vi­enna Cream, coat with choco­late sprin­kles, po­si­tion, as shown; with a skewer, make holes through five pieces of pop­corn, thread on to pipecleaner, in­sert into smoke­stack.

4 Place whole ice­block sticks across front, back and be­tween car­riages, as shown, to rep­re­sent sleepers; to make other sleepers, break ice­block sticks into 4cm lengths, slide them un­derneath edges of cake on both sides. Dou­ble strips of licorice on ei­ther side of train rep­re­sent tracks. Po­si­tion choco­late bis­cuits, as shown, to rep­re­sent wheels, stick round flat sweets on choco­late bis­cuits with a lit­tle Vi­enna Cream. Cut a 4cm x 1cm strip from wafer, press strip firmly on to bot­tom front of en­gine, ar­range pieces of 2.5cm licorice against wafer, as shown, to rep­re­sent

“cow catcher”. Pile pop­corn on top of car­riages, dec­o­rate rest of cake with as­sorted sweets.

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