Easy sausage car­bonara

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SERVES 2 PREP AND COOK TIME 15 MIN­UTES Nutri­tional count per serv­ing: 633kcal; 30.6g fat, 10.8g sat fat; 33.6g pro­tein; 59.3g carbs;

3.1g su­gar; 1.7g salt; 2.6g fi­bre. 150g dried tagli­atelle

3 higher-wel­fare sausages

½ a bunch of fresh flat-leaf pars­ley (15g)

1 large free-range egg

30g Parme­san cheese

1 Cook the pasta in a pan of boil­ing salted wa­ter ac­cord­ing to the packet in­struc­tions, then drain, re­serv­ing a mug­ful of cook­ing wa­ter. Mean­while, squeeze the sausage­meat out of the skins, then, with wet hands, quickly shape into 18 even­sized balls. Roll and coat them in black pep­per. Cook in a non-stick fry­ing pan on a medium heat with ½ a ta­ble­spoon of olive oil un­til golden and cooked through, toss­ing reg­u­larly, then turn the heat off.

2 Finely chop the pars­ley, stalks and all, beat it with the egg and a splash of pasta cook­ing wa­ter, then finely grate and mix in most of the Parme­san.

3 Toss the drained pasta into the sausage pan, pour in the egg mix­ture, and toss for 1 minute off the heat (the egg will gen­tly cook in the resid­ual heat). Loosen with a splash of re­served cook­ing wa­ter, sea­son to per­fec­tion with sea salt and pep­per, and finely grate over the re­main­ing Parme­san.

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