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Ge­orgina Bit­con shares tips for re­mov­ing car­pet stains, mak­ing sten­cils, stor­ing and chop­ping herbs, cook­ing cakes and more, plus there’s a reader’s prize hint.

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QThe studs on the bot­tom of an old bag have put rust marks on my cream-coloured wool car­pet. How do I re­move them? A. Mur­phy, SA. Pour small mounds of uniodised salt onto each mark, then mois­ten with just a few drops of lemon juice. Do not sat­u­rate – the marks should still be cov­ered with damp salt. Leave the mounds to dry com­pletely, then vac­uum the salt away. Sim­ple sten­cils To make a sim­ple sten­cil for num­ber­ing your garbage and re­cy­cling bins, print num­bers in a large clear font on your com­puter, trace them onto thin card­board and cut out, leav­ing a sten­cil. Tape the sten­cil to the bins and paint them with spray paint or a brush, then re­move. You are here When tak­ing travel photos, take a shot of some­thing that in­volves each new town’s name (street signs, shops, post of­fices etc.). It’s very help­ful when sort­ing lots of pic­tures, espe­cially if you’re not us­ing a GPS. Fresher for longer To get the most from a bunch of fresh basil, store it in a glass of wa­ter, like a bunch of flow­ers, and use the leaves from the bot­tom of the stems first, work­ing up to the top. Sharpen up If sticky duct or mask­ing tape keeps gunk­ing up your scis­sors, wipe the blades with a baby wipe or eu­ca­lyp­tus oil be­tween cuts. Panty­hose know-how To help an­chor and es­tab­lish plants on a steep slope, cut the legs off old panty­hose, fill with pot­ting soil, knot the ends, then hold in place in a U-shape with tent pegs and back­fill against the curve. Av­o­cado magic When you only want half an av­o­cado, in­stead of cut­ting it length­wise, cut it around the mid­dle and store the un­used half cut-side down in a snug-fit­ting glass in the fridge. Travel tip to a tea Pop a teabag into each of your packed shoes when trav­el­ling to keep your lug­gage smelling fresh. Handy hand sani­tiser Wipe the white rub­ber sec­tions of your sneak­ers and gym boots with hand sani­tiser to keep them clean and white. Clever cal­en­dar For a super-sim­ple Ad­vent cal­en­dar, cover match­boxes with pretty pa­per, num­ber them one to 24, glue strips of junk ad­ver­tis­ing mag­nets to the back, fill with tiny treats and ar­range them on the fridge.

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