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1 In the opera, La bo­hème, is Schau­nard the poet, mu­si­cian, philoso­pher or painter? (a) Poet (b) Painter (c) Philoso­pher (d) Mu­si­cian

2 Who re­leased the al­bum, Ten Sum­moner’s Tales, in 1993? (a) Jeff Beck (b) Bruce Spring­steen (c) David Bowie (d) St­ing

3 Which coun­try did Aus­tralia de­feat in the gold medal match of the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup? (a) Iran (b) South Korea (c) Le­banon (d) China

4 As at Jan­uary 2017, what was the ap­prox­i­mate pop­u­la­tion of Sri Lanka? (a) 8 mil­lion (b) 48 mil­lion (c) 21 mil­lion (d) 73 mil­lion

5 Who wrote the 2017 best-sell­ing novel, The Late Show? (a) John Gr­isham (b) Michael Con­nelly (c) Stephen King (d) Dean Koontz

6 Nix­ta­mal­iza­tion is a process most closely associated with which of the fol­low­ing types of food? (a) Meat (b) Fruit (c) Grain (d) Veg­etable

7 Which of the fol­low­ing US states has a coast­line on the Gulf of Mex­ico? (a) Alabama (b) New Mex­ico (c) Arkansas (d) None of the above

8 Platelets are also known by what name? (a) Ery­thro­cytes (b) Throm­bo­cytes (c) Leuko­cytes (d) Macrophago­cytes

9 With which sport do you as­so­ci­ate the Queens­land Scorchers? (a) Ice hockey (b) Net­ball (c) Field hockey (d) Soft­ball

10 What is the first name of Ed­die, Emery and Evan’s fa­ther in the TV se­ries, Fresh Off the Boat? (a) Christo­pher (b) Louis (c) Nolan (d) Jef­frey

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