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Kings­man: The Golden Cir­cle (MA15+) This is one of the dumb­est films I have seen in a while, which just goes to show a good di­rec­tor and a bril­liant cast — Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Ju­lianne Moore, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges — are not enough to make what hap­pens on screen work. I leave the star, Taron Eger­ton, out of that list be­cause I don’t think he’s bril­liant. Kings­man is a Bri­tish spy agency. Eger­ton is its newish re­cruit trained by the great agent co­de­named Gala­had (Firth). The ac­tion opens a year after the events of the first Kings­man film. The new bad­die is Poppy Adams (Moore), a 1950s sen­ti­men­tal­ist who seeks to con­trol the world through a drug she has in­vented. The plot is va­pid and un­be­liev­able, even for a movie based on a comic book se­ries. The script is ter­ri­ble. The act­ing is av­er­age. The only re­demp­tion is see­ing El­ton John as a pi­anobash­ing, singing, F-word drop­ping hostage of Poppy. STEPHEN ROMEI Blue (PG) From the world of the fu­ture to the grim re­al­ity of the present. Aus­tralian doc­u­men­tary Blue, by Ka­rina Howard, is an an­gry protest against the pol­lu­tion of the world’s oceans and the wan­ton de­struc­tion of ma­rine life. A half-dozen young peo­ple in dif­fer­ent parts of the world point the fin­ger at ways in which hu­man ac­tiv­ity is killing the planet and its wildlife: fac­tory fish­ing; the killing of sharks to fill the de­mand for shark fin soup; the tonnes of plas­tic that end up in the oceans and are in­gested by seabirds and by larger fish; tur­tles dy­ing be­cause they’re caught in nets thrown over­board by il­le­gal fish­er­men. We’re told 50 per cent of plas­tic pro­duced is used once, then thrown away, and that every piece of plas­tic pro­duced still ex­ists. Howard’s an­gry, chal­leng­ing film is prob­a­bly preach­ing to the con­verted, but it’s an im­por­tant re­minder of the fragility of our planet’s en­vi­ron­ment. DAVID STRAT­TON

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