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Re: Costs in man­u­fac­tur­ing in Aus­tralia. You re­ally know when your coun­try of birth has been sold down the river ... when you can’t af­ford a prod­uct that is pro­duced in your own coun­try. Icarus, Atherton Tonga beat­ing New Zealand has brought an in­ter­est in in­ter­na­tional rugby league back be­cause the bully Kan­ga­roos are de­stroy­ing it ... just look at crowds watch­ing the Cam, Coops and Billy show. Pa­thetic. Shane, Kan­im­bla Lawrence Pope (let­ters, 14/11) loves bats so he must be hor­ri­fied that in one year in the US 888,000 bats (and 573,000 birds) were killed by wind tur­bines such as those presently be­ing built at Walka­min. Higgs, Tolga On hos­pi­tal park­ing woes (CP, 14/11). It’s a lit­tle-known fact that cars can drive on grass and don’t ac­tu­ally need to park on ex­pen­sive, hot-mix bi­tu­men. Woz, Par­ra­matta Park ALP’s Craig Craw­ford on Smith­field by­pass said: “We’ve got the solution ... and we’re build­ing it” and he said Cairns Re­gional Coun­cil knew noth­ing and was only grand­stand­ing. Craig, I hope it’s not the same en­gi­neers who de­signed the Woree by­pass mess. Don, Ear­lville So Rus­sell Crow ($75 mil­lion net worth) says he can take six refugees? That’s one refugee per $12.5 mil­lion. Aussies’ av­er­age net worth is $800,000 (I am be­low av­er­age) so it would take 15 av­er­age Aussies to take one refugee. Ac­cns, Cairns Re: high cost of dropouts. Ap­pren­tice­ships in the past were for kids not in­ter­ested in school, who were more hand­son and not in­ter­ested in go­ing to uni. They left after Year 10, were 15 years old and the low wages of an ap­pren­tice­ship did not mat­ter. They lived at home. Les­ley Brins­mead

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