Amaz­ing Re­sults With Chi­nese Medicine

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Are you tired of the fol­low­ing prob­lems: Do you wake up with a stiff neck, numb fin­gers? Does it hurt to turn your head side to side? you can’t look up at the sky and re­vers­ing car is very dif­fi­cult.

Do you suf­fer from aching hip with back pain, ham­string pain, sore knee, cramp­ing calf, Achilles and sore foot on one side for long time? and do you have dif­fi­culty walk­ing for ex­tended pe­ri­ods? do stairs bother you? *ith spring coming, do you suf­fer from eczema Asthma, bron­chi­tis, si­nus, al­ler­gic to dust, pollin? Mood dis­or­der: Anx­i­ety, stress, in­som­nia *omen’s health: menopause, pe­riod pain, in­fer­til­ity, IVF sup­port,

Men’s health: prostate prob­lems, im­po­tence Di­ges­tive sys­tem prob­lems: re­flux, bloat­ing, gas­troin­testi­nal

Skin prob­lems: eczema, hives, acne

Ad­dic­tion: smok­ing, weight gain, drink­ing al­co­hol

Dr. Sunny is a reg­is­tered acupunc­tur­ist and herbal­ist in Aus­tralia. And he has been prac­tic­ing in Toowoomba for 2 years. He said, Chi­nese medicine, Com­par­ing with some western drugs,take into ac­count the dif­fer­ences be­tween peo­ple and pay more at­ten­tion to the im­por­tance of bal­anc­ing the ef­fects of an ac­tive in­gre­di­ent us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of medic­i­nal com­pounds like those found in na­ture. Hav­ing said this, Western drugs

can be very use­ful for short term treat­ment. How­ever, Chi­nese medicine al­ways fo­cus on the root causes for most chron­i­cle and dif­fi­cult dis­eases from a long term treat­ment. Suc­cess sto­ries in Sunny lily acupunc­ture clinic

Pain Re­lief----Jeff said, “six weeks ago I lit­er­ally hob­bled into see Dr Sunny with crip­pling back pain, my whole sys­tem felt weak, in­jured and painful. Af­ter 3 treat­ments I felt the in­flam­ma­tion and stiff­ness sub­sid­ing,and I was vir­tu­ally pain free and the crip­pling stiff­ness had dis­ap­peared. I was as­tounded by the re­sults, af­ter five years of con­stant pain and re­stricted life­style I felt stronger, was sleep­ing bet­ter and I had a qual­ity of life re­turned to me I thought was not pos­si­ble…... Dr. Sunny ex­plained, Qi flows through our body with our blood as well as along path­ways known as Acupunc­ture Merid­i­ans. Ac­cord­ing to Chi­nese Medicine, if you are ill in any way (phys­i­cal or emo­tional) then this can be lead to a block­age in the flow of Qi in our body. Acupunc­ture uses mi­cro fine nee­dles in­serted along spe­cial points along the merid­i­ans in or­der to clear these block­ages and stim­u­late the flow of Qi.

Eczema Peter said,I have suf­fered from eczema for two years. I can not sleep well coz it is very itchy. My JP pre­scribed me harsh creams that only dulled the symp­toms whilst I used the cream-my eczema would re­turn ev­ery­time I stopped us­ing it. When I saw Sunny I was given acupunc­ture, herbal tablets and herbal bath mix. Af­ter one week my eczema was com­pletely gone, and my skin has re­turned to nor­mal with­out any itch. I would not hes­i­tate in rec­om­mend­ing Sunny for other eczema suf­fers.

Dr. Sunny ex­plained, In TCM there are two main causes of eczema: ex­ter­nal dry­ness, and heat in blood (if there is red­ness with the eczema). Acupunc­ture can help all of the above causes by help­ing bring your body back into bal­ance.

Stop smok­ing Tony wrote a let­ter to Sunny, ”I’ve been smok­ing for around 40yrs on and off. I’ve tried on many oc­ca­sions to give up and the habit. Pre­scrip­tion drugs,patches and gum. None worked. I met Dr Sunny on the 15th June 2016 and started my treat­ment that day. I haven’t had a cig­a­rette since that day and it has been 64 days and I feel great. it’s a mir­a­cle! Thanks Sunny.”

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