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ELIN Ers­son is the new poster girl of our de­based times, when seem­ing good is more im­por­tant than do­ing it.

Ers­son’s Swedish ac­tivist group was rung last month by an Afghan fam­ily want­ing help to stop the de­por­ta­tion to Afghanistan of their 26-year-old son, Is­mail Khawari.

I doubt Ers­son, 21, won­dered whether Swe­den might be right to re­ject Khawari’s refugee claim, given he’d lived safely for 20 years in Iran and Swe­den is strug­gling to as­sim­i­late its big Mus­lim mi­nor­ity.

No, she just rushed to the air­port to buy a ticket on the same flight — and to film her­self stop­ping it, live on Face­book, hero­ine of her own movie.

But there was a hitch. On board, Ers­son found not the hand­some young Khawari, but a 52-year-old wife-beater be­ing de­ported af­ter time in jail.

Did she care? Ers­son just whipped out her phone and livestreamed her re­fusal to sit down for take­off un­til the wife-beater was re­moved.

She stormed and sobbed. She ig­nored the pas­sen­gers beg­ging her to sit down and the chil­dren who were cry­ing. She was a bully.

“If he is de­ported to Afghanistan, he prob­a­bly dies,” she in­sisted.

That’s false. Europe de­ported 10,000 Afghans in 2016 and Turkey sent back an­other 10,000 this year — all with­out re­ports of mass mur­der.

But who cares about facts? Not Ers­son, declar­ing in a clip viewed a mil­lion times: “I’m do­ing what I can do to save a per­son’s life.”

The main­stream me­dia was lit­tle both­ered, ei­ther. The ABC dec­o­rated its re­port on Ers­son’s suc­cess­ful stunt with tweets it scraped from the walls of the Twit­ter toi­let. It didn’t mat­ter how ob­scure or nasty the tweeter was, as long as they said what the Left­ist ABC wanted.

So one tweet came from an ob­scure Dutch artist call­ing Ers­son a “su­per­hero”, and an­other from some Bri­ton with just 227 fol­low­ers call­ing a pas­sen­ger who tried to stop her a “boot lick­ing s--- head”.

Nor has the ABC since re­ported that Ers­son “saved” a wife-basher. Why should it? In this age of seem­ing, it’s enough that Ers­son seemed to do good, even though she didn’t.

Sim­i­larly, it’s enough that we seem to be sav­ing the planet by stop­ping global warm­ing, even though we aren’t. Enough that ac­tivists seem to be fight­ing fas­cists, when their vi­o­lence shows they’re the real fas­cists.

So isn’t Ers­son their per­fect sym­bol?

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