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A YUP­PIE walked into a bank in Syd­ney’s King’s Cross and re­quested a $5000 dol­lar loan for an up­com­ing trip out of the coun­try. The loans man­ager agreed but told the yup­pie he must give them some col­lat­eral be­fore giv­ing him the money.

“No prob­lem. Here’s the ti­tle to my Rolls Royce, it’s parked out front.”

The loans man­ager gladly ac­cepted and gave the young man the loan, ar­rang­ing for it to be placed in the bank’s se­cured park­ing area.

As the yup­pie departed, the bank em­ploy­ees all laughed about how he’d left such an ex­pen­sive car as col­lat­eral for such a small bank loan.

Af­ter a week had passed the yup­pie re­turned to the bank to re­pay the loan and the in­ter­est. The in­ter­est came to $19.53. The loans man­ager asked him: “Sir, why did you need the $5000? We checked into your ac­count and saw that you are a very wealthy man.”

The yup­pie replied, “Where else in the mid­dle of Syd­ney can I park my car for a week for only $19 and know that it will be safe for when I get back?”


WHILE work­ing as a ra­di­ol­ogy tech­ni­cian in a hos­pi­tal emer­gency room, I took x-rays of a trauma pa­tient. I brought the films to our ra­di­ol­o­gist, who stud­ied the mul­ti­ple frac­tures of the fe­murs and pelvis.

“What hap­pened to this pa­tient?” he asked in as­ton­ish­ment.

“He fell out of a tree,” I said. The ra­di­ol­o­gist wanted to know what the pa­tient was do­ing up a tree.

“I’m not sure, but his pa­per­work states he works for Bob’s Ex­pert Tree Ser­vice.”

Gaz­ing in­tently at the x-rays, the ra­di­ol­o­gist blinked and said, “Cross out ‘Ex­pert.’”

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