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How many words of four let­ters or more can you make? Each let­ter must be used only once and all words must con­tain the cen­tre let­ter. There is at least one nine-let­ter word. No words start­ing with a cap­i­tal are al­lowed, no plu­rals end­ing in s un­less the word is also a verb, e.g. he burns with anger.

Good 25 very good 35 ex­cel­lent 45 (or more)

Satur­day: anele ante an­ted at­tend deafen dean dent den­tal den­tate de­tent eaten elan eland enate etna fane fat­ten fat­tened fend flan flat­ten FLAT­TENED laden land lane la­teen la­tent lat­ten leaden lean leaned leant lend lent neat need nett net­ted net­tle net­tled tal­ent tal­ented teen tend tenet tent tented

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