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TRIP back to her na­tive Townsville to see the folks wasn’t all smooth sail­ing for North Toowoomba lass.

Her folks have a home close to the wa­ter just north of Townsville so wa­ter sports and fish­ing are to the fore on such a trip.

Jump­ing into a kayak each, our lass chal­lenged her 11-yearold nephew to a pad­dle race out into the waves off the beach.

How­ever, com­pe­ti­tion be­tween the pair soon be­came fierce and be­fore they knew it, they were fur­ther into the Co­ral Sea than they’d planned.

Our lass sug­gested they turn back to shore but the young fel­low com­plained that his arms were so sore he couldn’t pad­dle.

That left Aunty Water­sport the task of not only hav­ing to row back to shore with aching arm mus­cles her­self, but to tow her nephew and his kayak as well.

She told Whis­pers her arms were so tight and sore af­ter reach­ing home that she could hardly lift her beer to quench the thirst de­rived from such stren­u­ous ex­er­cise.

How­ever, ap­par­ently she per­se­vered with some suc­cess.


SAME lass was look­ing for­ward to some fish­ing off the jetty near her folks’ home dur­ing her week-long trip to Townsville.

How­ever, while wait­ing for a bite, fam­ily mem­bers looked out into the calm wa­ters to spot a rip­ple com­ing to­ward them.

All be­ing North Queens­lan­ders, it was soon sus­pected that a croc­o­dile had ven­tured into see what was go­ing on its place of res­i­dence.

As ev­ery­one quickly packed up and reeled in their lines be­fore re­treat­ing to higher ground, what was be­lieved to be a rather large rep­tile grace­fully floated past the jetty.

Later, amid fam­ily dis­cus­sions, it could not be ver­i­fied whether or not the ob­ject in the wa­ter was a croc­o­dile with some pon­der­ing whether it had been just a log caught in the cur­rent.

How­ever, be­ing North Queens­lan­ders, no-one was go­ing to take the chance ... that not be­ing the bite they were look­ing for.

In his haste to re­treat, one fish­er­man left be­hind an ex­pen­sive tackle box that had since found an­other home.


YOUNG Toowoomba chap ven­tured out into the bush to take pos­ses­sion of a LandCruiser util­ity which he’d bought from a farmer.

Due to the heat we’ve been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing lately, the lad ac­cepted the farmer mate’s in­vi­ta­tion of a beer to cool down and the pair got talk­ing to the point he stayed longer than he had an­tic­i­pated.

He went to drive the ve­hi­cle down the dirt track to an­other spot but mis­judged a bend and rolled.

He told Whis­pers the ute did a com­plete roll, land­ing on all four bald tyres, but he arose from the dust with­out a scratch, put the key in the ig­ni­tion and it started.

He then walked back to the home­stead for the night and re­turned the next day to find in the tray of the ute his phone and a car­ton of beer cans, only one of which had been dam­aged.


TWO mid­dled-aged lads strug­gle with direc­tions so it was with some trep­i­da­tion that they set off for a week­long visit with a mate on the Gold Coast.

All had gone well un­til the drive home.

“The sign says ‘War­wick 30km’,” said the pas­sen­ger, won­der­ing if they’d taken a wrong turn. Which, of course, they had!

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