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Na­tional Lit­er­acy and Nu­mer­acy Week was cel­e­brated at Co­bram Angli­can Gram­mar to raise aware­ness of the im­por­tance of lit­er­acy and nu­mer­acy at school and be­yond.

Head of Ju­nior School Mary Swof­fer spent time with each of the seven Prep to Year 4 classes, ex­plor­ing the themes of lit­er­acy and nu­mer­acy, and while the stu­dents may not have re­alised the lessons be­hind the fun and games, the mes­sage was clear.

‘‘A strong foun­da­tion in lit­er­acy and nu­mer­acy is vi­tal for ev­ery child and young per­son, and un­der­pins their abil­ity to reach their full po­ten­tial,’’ Mrs Swof­fer said.

‘‘Stu­dents ex­plored word stairs where they be­gan with the word ‘bat’. They then changed only one let­ter in the word to make a new word: ‘sat’.

‘‘Writ­ing their new word on the next stair go­ing up, they kept chang­ing one let­ter and writ­ing a new word un­til they reached the top stair.

‘‘This chal­leng­ing yet fun play with words quickly be­came so pop­u­lar many stu­dents re­turned to the li­brary at lunchtime to cre­ate their own.’’

The Year 3/4 classes ex­plored a word play where they imag­ined they lived in a world with only 20 words.

They could use these 20 words as much as they wanted, but they could not use any other words at all.

Then they cre­ated a para­graph us­ing only their 20 words. The para­graph needed to be at least five sen­tences and they couldn’t re­peat the same sen­tences.

‘‘With many stu­dents us­ing words such as ‘like’, ‘foot­ball’, ‘Mum’, ‘Dad’, etc they soon re­alised those all-im­por­tant join­ing words and then at­tempted to add de­scrip­tive words to their lim­ited vo­cab­u­lary,’’ Mrs Swof­fer said.

‘‘Our nu­mer­acy task in­volved stu­dents broadly dis­cussing the goal, col­lect­ing data, ac­cu­rately record­ing find­ings and then graph­ing the in­for­ma­tion in a clear and logic man­ner.

‘‘The task was to cre­ate a class graph on the num­ber of let­ters in each stu­dents’ name.

‘‘Stu­dents ini­tially broke off into boys’ and girls’ teams but quickly re­alised they needed to work to­gether as a class to reach their goal.

‘‘The re­sults were then dis­cussed and stu­dents eval­u­ated how well they achieved their goal and how they could im­prove on the task next time.’’

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