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Co­bram started the pen­nant sea­son on a good note with a win in Fri­day’s di­vi­sion one and all sides un­de­feated on Saturday. Fri­day pen­nant re­sults: Di­vi­sion one d Nu­murkah 91/42. Marj Mc­Don­ald d Pam Smith 29/9, Brenda Smethurst d Lor­raine Kennedy 26/17 and Ieva Saun­ders d Ann Dealy 36/16.

Di­vi­sion two trav­elled to Nathalia and was beaten by a club re­turn­ing to pen­nant fol­low­ing a year’s ab­sence. Carol Do­herty d Fay Hutchins 26/18, Elaine Evans lost to Tessa Ward 17/31 and Jenny Warfe lost to Bev Hutchins 21/26. Saturday pen­nant re­sults: Di­vi­sion one d Nu­murkah Golf 104/90. Greg Dunn d Ge­off Sut­cliffe 16/30, Ray Parks d Bruce Agnew 31/20, Bob Grif­fiths lost to Barry Cos­grove 16/30 and Steve Tat­nell drew with Michael Hanna 26/26.

Di­vi­sion two d Nathalia 106/89, di­vi­sion three drew with Wunghnu 63/63 and di­vi­sion four drew with Fin­ley 33/33. Fri­day pen­nant teams: Di­vi­sion one v Nu­murkah Golf away: C. Dunne, A. Vinecombe, K. Bal­dacchino, M. Mc­Don­ald (s). J. My­nard, B. In­gram, B. Turner, B. Smethurst (s). B. Quinane, G. Mur­phy, K. Faulkner, I. Saun­ders (s). Di­vi­sion two v Nu­murkah Golf at home: An­nette Tem­ple, V. Quinane, A. Wil­liams, C. Do­herty (s), C. Mathers, J. Lier­sch, Alan Tem­ple, E. Evans (s), C. Ward, G. Walker, G. Mann, J. Warfe (s). Saturday pen­nant teams: Di­vi­sion one v Tocumwal Golf away: A. Vinecombe, I. Saun­ders, G. Wil­liams, R. Grif­fiths (s), M. Crisa­fulli, C. Mc­Don­ald, G. Carter, A. Mc­Don­ald (s), J. An­ders, G. Mur­phy, K. Bal­dacchino, S. Tat­nell (s), R. Smith, M. Smith, M. Mc­Don­ald, G. Dunn (s). Man­ager G. Mur­phy. Di­vi­sion two v Nu­murkah at home: J. My­nard, K. Faulkner, D. Quinane, A. VanDam (s), V. Ken­dell, K. Saun­ders, B. Walker, R. Dougherty (s), N. In­gram, M. Reilly, R. Pal­czac, P. Quinane (s), G. Walker, G. My­nard, B. Smethurst, P. O’Dwyer (s). Man­ager P. O’Dwyer. Di­vi­sion three v Jer­ilderie away: G. Bowen, B. Turner, L. Mc­Don­ald, J. Tay­lor (s), C. Ward, K. Shields, G. Mann, J. Crump (s), M. Vi­oli, P. McKay, B. Doyle, C. Do­herty (s). Man­ager P. McKay. Di­vi­sion four v Tocumwal Golf at home: E. Evans, F. Wal­lace, N. Walsh, C. Struthers (s), M. Stephens, B. In­gram, D. Mil­lar, J. Burkitt (s), Man­ager D. Mil­lar.

Spots are still avail­able for the Cor­po­rate So­cial Bowls com­pe­ti­tion spon­sored by Co­bram Mitre 10, start­ing Tuesday, October 24.

Teams to con­sist of four play­ers of which one may be a reg­is­tered bowler who can­not play skip.

In­quiries to Ron Dougherty on 0427 611 787.

Ba­rooga Sports

What a great start to the pen­nant sea­son with all four sides win­ning their re­spec­tive grades.

The ‘ones’ won by 58 shots with 16 points, the ‘twos’ won by 4 with 14 points, the ‘threes’ by 16 and 14 points and the mighty ‘fours’ by 13 shots and 14 points also.

Lad­der po­si­tions, etc can be found on the Mur­ray Bowls web­site at: https://sports­desq. sport­­tal/in­dex.cfm? fuse­ac­tion=main&OrgID=16310

Peo­ple us­ing a mo­bile phone to ac­cess re­sults will not get di­vi­sion one as there is an er­ror in cod­ing that af­fects users of phones but works fine on other de­vices.

Mur­ray Bowls has been ad­vised of this.

Med­ley pairs was held Tuesday of last week, which saw the pair­ing of Ge­off Mitchell and Peter Rus­sell run out the win­ners with 54 points.

Sec­ond was Bill David­son and Peter Rich with 53 points and third were Ray Emer­son and Vin Toohey with 46 points.

Des Toohey and John Bruce won best first game with +9, Ed Coul­stock and Ray Nye won best sec­ond game with +15 and Her­ald Rothe and Barry John­son won best third game with +7.

The team of Stuart Ralph, Haydn Smith and Mick Reilly trav­elled to Corowa Civic to play in the Ovens and Mur­ray equiv­a­lent of trade days and won, be­ing the only team with four wins.

Trade day at Nu­murkah with a full field of 17 rinks saw Ray Emer­son, Stephen Brooks and Ray Wright win with 4 games and 66 points from Ron Doughety, Frank Dunkly and Kevin Saun­ders with 64 points.

Best first game win­ners were Barry Cos­grove, Joe Luci and Nip­per with 15 shots up. Best sec­ond game win­ners were Bob Adams, Peter Ve­lardo and John Evans with 11 shots up. Best third game win­ners were Ge­orge May­nard, Don Col­lie and Vic Ken­dall with 11 shots up and Ge­off Ward, John Woode and Wayne Camp­bell also with 11 shots up were the best last game win­ners.

The jack­pot is still alive and is grow­ing in value so is avail­able again this week, again held at Nu­murkah but it is a day for the Pi­cola Bowl­ing Club.

Keith’s Fri­day saw John Bruce and Brian Wei­dlich win with +16. Run­ners-up were Al­lan Den­son and Ger­ald Rothe with +9. Best first game went to Ray Wright and Peter Lin­quist with +4 and best last game went to Wil­liam Hoog and Fred Pin­nuck with +10.

The jack­pot did not go off and is worth $210 this week. Saturday pen­nant teams: Di­vi­sion one v Nu­murkah Golf at Nu­murkah Golf: M. Gaynor, A. Ben­nett, P. Rus­sell, G. Mitchell (s), man­ager: H. Smith; P. Perkins, K. Ralph, J. Es­cott, B. Wright (s), man­ager: H. Smith; G. Rothe, J. Nash, H. Smith, R. Emer­son (s), man­ager: H. Smith; R. Wright, V. Toohey, S. Ralph, P. Ware (s), man­ager: H. Smith. Di­vi­sion two v Ber­ri­gan at home: F. Pin­nuck, D. Toohey, R. Bur­nett, A. El­lis (s), man­ager: A. El­lis; W. Gow­ers, E. Coul­stock, L. Magee, C. Camp­bell (s), man­ager: A. El­lis; J. Sul­li­van, P. Buller, B. John­son, R. Nye (s), man­ager: A. El­lis; A. Lewis, G. Ben­nett, R. Bam­ford, K. An­der­son (s), man­ager: A. El­lis. Di­vi­sion three v Wunghnu at Wunghnu: L. Jenk­ins, R. Quinn, J. Bruce, J. Toohey (s), man­ager: J. Bruce; A. Den­son, K. Bruce, K. Quick, C. Wigg (s), man­ager: J. Bruce; G. Backhouse, H. Quinn, K. Cousins, W. Hoog (s), man­ager: J. Bruce. Di­vi­sion four v Strath­mer­ton at Strath­mer­ton: J. Can­ning, H. Crosth­waite, M. Con­dron, G. Brown (s), man­ager: G. Brown; K. Kennedy, P. Lin­quist, L. Ewing, M. Hoog, man­ager: G. Brown. If un­avail­able, phone Haydn Smith on 0428 090 914.

Ba­rooga sports women

Pen­nant re­sults for Fri­day, October 13:

Di­vi­sion one was nar­rowly de­feated by Nu­murkah Golf at Ba­rooga. K. Ralph won 22-20, Jill Toohey lost 18-20, C. Wigg lost 21-25; 61 to 65 shots. Ba­rooga 2 points to Nu­murkah Golf 14.

Di­vi­sion two was de­feated by Nu­murkah Golf at Nu­murkah. P. Es­cott lost 15-31, M. Hoog lost 19-30, R. Koch lost 16-23; 50 to 84 shots. Nu­murkah Golf got the 16 points. Fri­day pen­nant teams: Di­vi­sion one plays Ber­ri­gan at Ber­ri­gan: Team man­ager J. Toohey. K. Ralph (s), E. Bliz­zard, D. Nash, B. Car­lyon; J. Toohey (s), D. Nye, B. Gow­ers, L. Ewing; C. Wigg (s), H. Smith, H. Quinn, R. Camp­bell. Di­vi­sion two has a bye.

Mur­ray Val­ley Bowls

DI­VI­SION ONE Ba­rooga Sports 119-18 d

Nu­murkah 61-0 G. Mitchell 28 d P. Dealy 20, B. Wright 27 d T. Bren­nan 13, R. Emer­son 27 d R. Hen­der­son 11, P. Ware 37 d B. Smith 17.

Co­bram 104-15 d Nu­murkah Golf 90-3 R.Grif­fiths 16 lt B. Cos­grove 30, R. Parks 31 d B. Agnew 20, S. Tat­nall 26 drew M. Hanna 26, G. Drum 31 d G. Sut­cliffe 14. Fin­ley RSC 105-18 d Katan­dra West 69-0 A. West 22 d R. Glover 15, R. Brown 28 d K. Minogue 17, I. Smethurst 29 d M. Han­naford 15, S. Lunn 26 d D. Wil­liams 22. Wunghnu 111-16 d Tocumwal Golf 74-2 R. Smith 31 d W. Searle 20, A. Hen­der­son 39 d R. Tay­lor 14, N. Davies 23 d C. Philpot 16, J. MacKen­zie 18 lt B. Dowl­ing 24. DI­VI­SION TWO Ber­ri­gan 66-2 lt Strath­mer­ton 103-16 M. Rooney 19 lt P. Young 32, R. Brad­bury 25 d R. Gor­don 18, M. Bush 9 lt T. Loe 36, G. Cle­ments 13 lt K. Dunn 17.

Nathalia 89-2 lt Co­bram 106-16 R. Stag­gard 32 d A. VanDam 13, W. Stanger 18 lt R. Do­herty 38, B. Hutchins 23 lt P. O’Dwyer 24, P. Hutchins 16 lt P. Quinane 31.

Nu­murkah 90-4 lt Ba­rooga Sports 94-14 H. Hen­der­son, Hugh 22 lt A. El­lis 23, K. Hodg­son 26 d C. Camp­bell 23, E. Visser 29 d R. Nye 23, R. Seen 13 lt J. Es­cott 25. Nu­murkah Golf 62-0 lt

Pi­cola 120-18 A. Har­ri­son 17 lt K. Berger 31, G. Davie 13 lt A. Mor­gan 30, J. Ni­cen 16 lt T. Smith 30, C. Hicks 16 lt G. Cob­bledick 29.

DI­VI­SION THREE Ba­rooga Sports 74-14 d

Tocumwal Golf 58-2 J. Toohey 20 lt K. Tyrrell 26, C. Wigg 29 d L. Polk­inghorne 18, G. Ashcroft 25 d A. Jones 14.

Fin­ley 88-16 d Fin­ley RSC 61-0 W. Smith 31 d A. Thomas 18, D. McKel­lar 26 d D. Re­tal­lick 25, A. Haines 31 d C. Towns­ing 18. Tocumwal Golf 75-14 d

Jer­ilderie 68-2 C. Brown 22 lt C. Bryce 24, C. Far­rar 25 d M. Bald­win 21, I. Tay­lor 28 d T. Chap­lin 23.

Co­bram 63-7 lt Wunghnu 63-9 L. Mc­Don­ald 15 lt J. Rigoni 29,J. Crump 17 lt R. Burkitt 21, A. Rishby 31 d A. Craw­ford 13.

DI­VI­SION FOUR Ba­rooga Sports 53-14 d

Fin­ley (3) 40-0 G. Brown 29 d A. Cowan 17, W. Hoog 24 d K. Bergmans 23.

Nu­murkah 35-2 lt Katan­dra West 42-12 G. Down 20 d M. Ash 19, L. Kennedy 15 lt K. West­more 23.

Fin­ley (2) 33-7 drew Co­bram 33-7 G. Close 1414 lt J. Burkitt 19, G. Trevor­row 19 d C. Struthers 14.

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