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Across 1 What dung bee­tle was sa­cred in an­cient Egypt? (6) 5 Who is ser­vant of Heath­cliff in Wuther­ing Heights? (6) 9 Who is the six-foot in­vis­i­ble rab­bit in the 1950 James Stewart film of the same name? (6) 10 Who is the god­dess of wis­dom in Greek mythol­ogy? (6) 11 Who was Pres­i­dent of Yu­goslavia from 1953 to 1980? (4) 12 Which an­niver­sary is a cou­ple’s golden wed­ding? (8) 14 Which pow­er­ful Ital­ian fam­ily ef­fec­tively ruled Florence for much of the 15th cen­tury? (6) 16 What is the drink of the gods? (6) 19 St Peter Port is the cap­i­tal and prin­ci­pal port of which is­land? (8) 21 What word can pre­cede brush, punch and file? (4) 22 Who, in mythol­ogy, fell to earth when he flew too close to the sun? (6) 23 He­brew is the of­fi­cial lan­guage of which coun­try? (6) 24 Which chem­i­cal el­e­ment has the sym­bol Na? (6) 25 Which fa­mous in­sur­ance com­pany took its name from a Lon­don cof­fee house owner? (6) Down 2 What deadly poi­son is used in gold re­fin­ing? (7) 3 What are small squares of pasta con­tain­ing a savoury mix­ture of meat, cheese, etc? (7) 4 Where was there an un­suc­cess­ful in­va­sion of Cuba by US-backed troops in 1961? (3,2,4) 6 What is a group of eight mu­si­cians? (5) 7 Which moun­tain is called Cho­mol­ungma by lo­cals? (7) 8 What turns hills in Scot­land pur­ple in Au­gust and Septem­ber? (7) 13 Which 1749 novel, also known as Mem­oirs of a Woman of Plea­sure, is still banned in Aus­tralia? (5,4) 14 What word for a foolish and gullible per­son is some­times ap­plied to one­self? (7) 15 In which 1988 ac­tion film does Bruce Wil­lis play New York cop John Mc­Clane? (3,4) 17 Mu­si­cally, what is “with vigour”? (3,4) 18 What is the flavour of the Ital­ian liqueur sam­buca? (7) 20 Which small Pa­cific is­land coun­try pro­duces lots of weightlifters? (5)

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