What bug is that?

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IN­SECTS are the most com­mon life form on the planet. About one half of all de­scribed species are in­sects. In­sects can be clas­si­fied into dif­fer­ent groups based on dif­fer­ences and sim­i­lar­i­ties of fea­tures. What are the fea­tures you might ex­pect to see on an in­sect? • wings • bi-sym­met­ri­cal body plan • sin­gle pair of an­ten­nae • a pair of com­pound eyes • seg­mented body (head, tho­rax and ab­domen) • ex­oskele­ton • com­plex mouth parts (Dif­fer­ent in­sect or­ders have spe­cialised mouth parts that dic­tate the sort of food they can eat. They are ei­ther suck­ers or chew­ers)

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