Why the fear of Mus­lims, Aus­tralia?

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SOME 50 per cent of Aus­tralians fear Mus­lims. Why? Aus­tralia’s Mus­lims are re­spect­ful of those who prac­tice other faiths.

So why do 50 per cent of us fear them? Be­cause Scott Mor­ri­son made us fear­ful.

The story goes like this. Mor­ri­son knew Aus­tralians did not like large num­bers of peo­ple com­ing here by boat.

The Euro­peans hated the Chi­nese com­ing to the gold­fields in the 1850s.

Nor did we wel­come the Viet­namese refugees when Fraser in­vited them here in the 1980s.

So when 17,000 boat peo­ple came in 2013, Mor­ri­son grabbed the op­por­tu­nity to ‘fear­mon­ger’.

He told us we were be­ing swamped by refugees.

With most refugees be­ing Mus­lims, his sub-text was ‘we are be­ing swamped by Mus­lims’.

This was a lie be­cause un­der our Hu­man­i­tar­ian Quota, we could take 20,000 refugees/ year.

Having con­cocted a non-ex­is­tent prob­lem, he pro­posed an un­nec­es­sary so­lu­tion, turn back.

He des­per­ately wanted turn back to be seen to work be­cause if it stopped the boats he would be seen as the saviour.

Part of his plan was to de­monise the refugees.

He tar­geted our rep­til­ian brain with ag­gres­sive mes­sages like our Navy is pro­tect­ing our borders from the hordes, like send­ing refugees back to where they be­long.

These mes­sages sug­gested we were phys­i­cally re­pelling an en­emy.

They trig­ger a fight or flight re­sponse in our rep­til­ian brain.

The out­come is that we get an­gry and we di­rect this anger at the tar­get of the ‘frame’, namely the boat peo­ple.

When the refugee boats did stop, Mor­ri­son told us two more lies. First, turn back stopped them. It didn’t, it was the Rudd pol­icy.

Sec­ond, he claimed that 71 per cent of us sup­ported turn back.

He con­ducted no poll, he made it up.

This is shades of Trump. Dr Michael Blockey, Scotts Head

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