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Ray Dono­van Stock & Sta­tion Agents

THERE were 288 head yarded at Grafton Fat Cat­tle Sale on Tues­day.

There was a slight re­duc­tion in num­bers this week in a mixed qual­ity yard­ing. Bul­locks were scarce which saw a slight re­duc­tion in price with qual­ity and con­di­tion also lack­ing. Heavy cows sold fully firm to see the best reach a top of 253.2c/kg. Grain fed butcher year­lings were well sup­plied and sold firm to a shade cheaper. Good qual­ity an­gus steer wean­ers topped at 289.2c/kg while veal­ers held firm to top at 245c/kg. Once again light or low qual­ity wean­ers were hard to shift.

Sale high­lights in­cluded:

● A/c NC & MJ Allen sold an An­gus Bul­lock 270.2c/k weighed 455kg - $1,229.41

●A/cM&BMulh earn sold an An­gus Cross Cow 253.2c/kg weighed 620kg $1,569.84

● A/c RJ & DM Wigg sold Bran­gus & Brah­man Cross Cows 245.2c/kg av­er­aged 531kg - $1,302.01 p/hd

● A/c CJ & CJ Schrader sold Bran­gus Heifers 259.2c/kg av­er­aged 347.5kg - $900.72 p/hd, also sold Bran­gus Steers 265kg av­er­aged 351.9kg - $932.47 p/hd

●A/cM&BMulh earn sold An­gus Steers 288.2c/kg av­er­aged 305kg - $879.01 p/hd

● A/c PH & GJ Bal­lard sold Drought­mas­ter Vealer Steers 254.2c/kg av­er­aged 268.8kg - $683.16 p/hd

● A/c Brad & Deanne Shan­non sold An­gus Cross Vealer Heifers 245.2c/kg av­er­aged 232.5kg - $570.09 p/hd

● A/c Mark Gaven­lock sold Charo­lais Cross Vealer Steers 258.2c/kg av­er­aged 185kg $477.67 p/hd

Far­rell McCro­hon Stock & Sta­tion Agents

A TO­TAL of 304 cat­tle were yarded at Grafton on Tues­day.

The mar­ket was again very strong for ex­port cat­tle with bul­locks sell­ing to 260c/kg and cows stronger by 8c/kg to top at 254c/kg. Veal­ers to pro­ces­sors were also dearer with the top of these types sell­ing to 250c/kg. Re­stock­ers were much more ac­tive on qual­ity An­gus weaner steers and pushed to 294c/kg. Our next Spe­cial Store Sale is on Thurs­day the18th Oc­to­ber, 10am.

Sale high­lights in­cluded:

● Cham­bigne Pas­toral Co bul­locks sold to 250c/kg weighed 580kg to re­turn $1400/hd

●TJC rea seyAng us steer s sold to 268c/kg weighed 370kg to re­turn $990/hd to re­stock­ers

●AG& G IC hap man cows sold to 240c/kg weighed 455kg to re­turn $1085/hd

●R S Gill& NM Swan­son cows sold to 252c/kg weighed 600kg to re­turn $1507/hd

● Doboy Sta­tion cows sold to 222c/kg weighed 425kg to re­turn $940/hd

● K Crapp cows sold to 240c/kg weighed 573kg to re­turn $1374/hd

●J M& SA Hoy­cowss old to 245c/kg weighed 583kg to re­turn $1409/hd

● May­brook veal­ers sold to 248c/kg weighed 275kg to re­turn $680/hd

● SJ,PM&RDEllem An­gus steers sold to 268c/kg weighed 335kg to re­turn $888/hd to re­stock­ers

●RC&IP Gray veal­ers sold to 244c/kg weighed 235kg to re­turn $570/hd

●L& D Thomp­son year­lings sold to 260c/kg weighed 435kg to re­turn $1131/hd

● The next fat sale will be held on Oc­to­ber 16.

● The next store sale will be held on Oc­to­ber 18.

Photo: Belinda Scott

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