At­tached at the heart

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To la­bel one­self an “at­tach­ment par­ent” (“Break­ing point”, June 21-22) in­di­cates a mis­un­der­stand­ing of the con­cept of at­tach­ment and im­plies there are other meth­ods of par­ent­ing in which at­tach­ment is not in­volved. What au­thor An­tonella Gam­botto-Burke fails to ap­pre­ci­ate is that ev­ery woman who gives birth to and raises a baby prac­tises “at­tach­ment par­ent­ing” in one form or an­other. In most cases (whether moth­ers work or stay home, breast or bot­tle feed, co-sleep or have sep­a­rate beds), the at­tach­ment is se­cure and makes for happy, con­fi­dent chil­dren. In some cases the at­tach­ment is not se­cure and there may be emo­tional and be­havioural con­se­quences for the child. All of us, for bet­ter or for worse, are prac­tis­ing at­tach­ment par­ent­ing, An­tonella. Per­haps you need a new name for your phi­los­o­phy?

Cathy McBryde, West­lake Gam­botto-Burke’s ar­ti­cle makes me won­der how many moth­ers turn their backs on at­tach­ment par­ent­ing older chil­dren be­cause they feel hope­less and “all kinds of guilty”, or that it means no lim­its. We need to know we can make a dif­fer­ence to our chil­dren/teenagers at any age. We be­gan our at­tach­ment par­ent­ing jour­ney when our kids were 15, 13 and 10. It’s true, the younger the bet­ter, but if I had my time again with what I know now, I’d dive in at any age! This is a re­la­tion­ship for life.

Robyn Robin­son, Morayfield It’s true that the hand that rocks the cra­dle rules the world, but who is rock­ing the cra­dle to­day? Ar­ti­cles such as this give us hope that even­tu­ally, be­fore so­ci­ety gets fur­ther off the track, our politi­cians will look for an­swers by study­ing how things worked when fam­i­lies ac­cepted re­spon­si­bil­ity for their own chil­dren, and govern­ment poli­cies made it pos­si­ble for a hus­band to pro­vide for his wife and chil­dren. Thank you for a ter­rific ar­ti­cle.

Jackie But­ler, Wyn­num

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