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Re­search fund given the Green light


THE Ab­bott Gov­ern­ment’s The Gov­ern­ment says that an in­de­pen­dent ex­pert ad­vis$20 bil­lion med­i­cal re­search about $1 bil­lion in un­co­mory board which would in­clude fu­ture fund has passed the mit­ted money from the ex­is­teight med­i­cal ex­perts with exSe­nate, with the sup­port of the ing Health and Hos­pi­tals Fund pe­ri­ence in phi­lan­thropy and Greens. will be trans­ferred into the in con­sumer is­sues.

The fund, which will drive MRFF which will even­tu­ally “The Min­is­ter for Health money into med­i­cal re­search pro­vide about $1 bil­lion a year will also be re­quired by law to and in­no­va­tion, was first an­for med­i­cal re­search. re­port to the Par­lia­ment once nounced in the 2014 Bud­get. La­bor and the Greens have ev­ery two years on how re

The Gov­ern­ment had ori­graised con­cerns about the search funded by the Med­i­cal in­ally hoped to di­rect money trans­parency of the fund but in Re­search Fu­ture Fund meets ment­from in­tothe the Medi­care­fund mm­cbe­fore co-payit day, a state­ment­the Gov­ern­ment re­leased said yesterthe are the strat­egy in­de­pen­dentlyand pri­or­i­ties­set by that the was scrapped ear­lier this year. fund would be ad­min­is­tered by board,” the state­ment said.

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