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Pol­lies’ self-en­ti­tled ap­proach to ex­penses re­quires change


THE nam­ing of peo­ple or things is re­ally im­por­tant be­cause it gives them a form of iden­tity. I am not sure where the word “en­ti­tle­ments” came from but it has surely worked.

Politi­cians from both sides have used the con­cept to take what they con­sider their en­ti­tle­ments. Along the way, they have al­lowed the con­cept to over­ride com­mon sense and in­tegrity.

En­ti­tle­ments al­low politi­cians to use the re­sources of our na­tion for them­selves. Have you no­ticed not one of them, from Joe Hockey to Christo­pher Pyne, from Bron­wyn Bishop to Tony Burke (pic­tured), has said that they did the right thing fly­ing their kids busi­ness class around the coun­try? No, all they can say is that it was within the guide­lines. What work­ing man or woman would fly their kids to Syd­ney for New Year’s Eve fire­works and ex­pect the firm to pay busi­ness-class fares for all?

Tony Ab­bott and Bill Shorten, it is time to kill off once and for all the con­cept of en­ti­tle­ments for fed­eral politi­cians.

The new name should be “re­quire­ments”. If it is re­quired for you to do your job, then the job should pay for it. If it is not re­quired for your job, then you should pay for it. As hap­pens in busi­ness, schools, hos­pi­tals, of­fices around the coun­try.

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