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Emis­sions tar­get a rea­son­able cut


THE latest emis­sions re­duc­tion tar­get which the Ab­bott Gov­ern­ment has com­mit­ted to ( C-M, Aug 12) is rea­son­able and achiev­able.

Aus­tralia has to play its part in the global of­fen­sive to cut car­bon emis­sions and thwart “un­nat­u­ral cli­mate sabotage”, a more ac­cu­rate def­i­ni­tion of what car­bon-laced pol­lu­tion is do­ing to the at­mos­phere.

Greatly re­duc­ing Aus­tralia’s fos­sil-fuel foot­print is tan­ta­mount to that goal be­ing achieved. Prime Min­is­ter Tony Ab­bott’s Di­rect Ac­tion plan, which aims to cut 2005 car­bon emis­sion lev­els in Aus­tralia by be­tween 26 to 28 per cent by 2030, is a ra­tio­nal com­pro­mise be­tween a job-de­stroy­ing car­bon tax and do­ing prac­ti­cally noth­ing to meet Aus­tralia’s obli­ga­tion to the Ky­oto Treaty.

How­ever, it won’t mat­ter what emis­sions re­duc­tion tar­get the Ab­bott Gov­ern­ment meets or doesn’t meet if clear­ing old-growth for­est, par­tic­u­larly equa­to­rial rain­for­est, con­tin­ues around the world. A global treaty must be signed by all G20 lead­ers to en­sure that ev­ery re­main­ing bit of old-growth for­est is spared from de­struc­tion. Tim Badrick, Too­goolawah THE Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment’s pro­posed 26 to 28 per cent car­bon-emis­sion re­duc­tion tar­get, which it plans to ta­ble at this year’s UN Cli­mate Change Con­fer­ence in Paris, is em­bar­rass­ing.

Tony Ab­bott and En­vi­ron­ment Min­is­ter Greg Hunt’s use of rub­bery fig­ures to come up with a cred­i­ble sound­ing tar­get may fool some into be­liev­ing they are tak­ing the mat­ter se­ri­ously, but I’m sure the global com­mu­nity won’t be so gullible. Ab­bott’s “coal is good for hu­man­ity” cli­mate-change poli­cies lock Aus­tralia into re­main­ing the high­est per capita car­bon emit­ters in the OECD.

The science is in, and it proves im­me­di­ate ac­tion must be taken to re­duce fos­sil-fuel pol­lu­tion. Aaron White, Kin Kin RAVI RAN­JAN 27, stu­dent, West End I don’t think you can say that. I see peo­ple be­ing ac­tive all the time – jog­ging or head­ing to the gym. You see heaps of peo­ple ex­er­cis­ing at South Bank too. MAD­DIE BROWN 22, hos­pi­tal­ity worker, New­mar­ket I think so. I think tech­nol­ogy is a big con­trib­u­tor with peo­ple on their phones all the time, the in­ter­net and Net­flix.

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