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1 Vi­ola Davis was nom­i­nated for a Best Ac­tress Os­car for which 2011 movie? 2 The Re­pub­lic of Tatarstan is a fed­eral sub­ject of which coun­try? 3 What are the two events in women’s artis­tic gym­nas­tics that are not in­cluded in men’s artis­tic gym­nas­tics com­pe­ti­tions? 4 Cap­tain Bar­na­cles is a char­ac­ter from which chil­dren’s TV se­ries? 5 In what year did Tesla Mo­tors open its first show­room in Aus­tralia? 6 Which Aus­tralian play fea­tures a chau­vin­is­tic man named Sergeant Dan Sim­monds? 7 In 1985, the Green­peace flag­ship,

Rain­bowWar­rior, was bombed in the port of which NZ city? 8 What is the name of the com­puter that de­feated the then-reign­ing world chess cham­pion, Garry Kas­parov, in 1997? 9 True or false: Kim Camp­bell was the first fe­male Prime Min­is­ter of New Zealand? 10 In July 2015, which For­mula One driver died from in­juries suf­fered in the 2014 Ja­panese Grand Prix? 11 Se­b­or­rheic keratosis is a con­di­tion that af­fects which or­gan of the hu­man body? 12 In 2005, who had a hit with the song, Beau­ti­fulSoul?

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