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Hockey grants moth­ers yet more en­ti­tle­ments


JOE Hockey (pic­tured) has done it again, opened his mouth to change feet. This guy is just so out of touch, he is so full of his own self-im­por­tance that he has ab­so­lutely no idea of the real world.

His state­ment, ( SM, Aug 30) “We are the first gen­er­a­tion to be very ac­tive fathers”. What an in­sult to fathers over the gen­er­a­tions who have re­ally been ac­tive in their fam­ily lives, not just the oc­ca­sional, once a month to­ken con­tri­bu­tion to fam­ily life Hockey gives but a gen­uine com­mit­ment to en­sur­ing that their wives and chil­dren have a bet­ter life than the life they had.

This self-in­dul­gent politi­cian, who lives a life of en­ti­tle­ment, has no right to pass his own judg­ment on all fathers over the past gen­er­a­tions.

This will go down as an- other, “poor peo­ple don’t drive cars” foot in the mouth mo­ment.

This guy would do a lot bet­ter con­cen­trat­ing on his own job, while he still has it, rather than pass­ing ill-con­sid­ered judg­ments on other peo­ple. Richard Crofts, Sun­ny­bank Hills WHAT ever hap­pened to Joe Hockey’s plan to end the age of en­ti­tle­ment? Now he wants to con­tinue to pay wel­fare to women in paid em­ploy­ment, ac­cord­ing to a Gov­ern­ment white pa­per soon to be re­leased.

He says it would en­cour­age an in­crease of about 4 per cent in the par­tic­i­pa­tion rate of women want­ing to work and it would be good for the econ­omy. If he took the time, he’d find out the na­tional un­em­ploy­ment rate for both gen- ders was around 6 per cent. If Mr Hockey con­cen­trated on a pol­icy to get that num­ber down he’d find it would be even bet­ter for the econ­omy.

What would also be good for the econ­omy is a trea­surer who ac­tu­ally knows what he’s do­ing and not some­one who just goes off on tan­gents that he thinks will buy votes. Phil Green­hill, Bell­bird Park WITH al­most a mil­lion un­em­ployed Aus­tralians al­ready, and many more un­der­em­ployed, I won­der where the ex­tra women that Hockey and Ab­bott are talk­ing about will get a job? Prom­ises are easy, but find­ing jobs is im­pos­si­ble. Max Tanzer, El­liott Heads AF­TER the re­pub­lic dis­trac­tion, this time it’s “work­ing mums keep­ing part of their ben­e­fits”, in these eco­nom­i­cally chal­leng­ing times when it’s never too chal­leng­ing to af­ford to spend tax dol­lars to buy pop­u­lar­ity when one has the keys to Trea­sury.

Where are all these jobs for mums to go back to? Is it back to jobs on the week­end that would have penalty rates wiped out if this Gov­ern­ment had it’s way? K.J. Lewis, Tarragindi THE Aus­tralian Monar­chist League is not wor­ried about Mr Hockey join­ing Peter FitzSimons to lead the push to­wards a re­pub­lic. We do not be­lieve, even given the enor­mous power and in­flu­ence that both have the po­ten­tial to mo­bilise, they will be able to per­suade Aus­tralians to vote to re­move the Crown. Philip Ben­well, Coor­pa­roo

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