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Cricket chirp­ing for Stars


CON­GRAT­U­LA­TIONS to Aus­tralia’s golden girls the South­ern Stars on their suc­cess in de­feat­ing Eng­land to win the Ashes on Bri­tish soil for the first time since 2001. What a team of cham­pi­ons. Eric Palm, Gympie VERY in­ter­est­ing but dis­ap­point­ing that the re­sult of the Ashes fea­tur­ing the won­der­ful women Aussie crick­eters was on page 81 of The Sun­day Mail.

When the men’s cricket team were los­ing at a great rate, they re­ceived a great amount of cov­er­age. Are losers more im­por­tant than win­ners? Or is it a male/ fe­male thing? Just ask­ing. Con­nie Wins­bury, Golden Beach WITH the fa­mous Span­ish “To­matina” fes­ti­val us­ing 750 tonnes of toma­toes, per­haps this wasted food could have been bet­ter used feed­ing those peo­ple seek­ing asy­lum across Europe. Mil­vio DiBar­tolomeo, Welling­ton Point IN­QUIRIES, in­quiries. We have gone from a can-do gov­ern­ment to a can’t-do any­thing gov­ern­ment hid­ing be­hind a no-do of end­less com­mit­tees and in­quiries. Can’t a well­staffed public ser­vice re­search and in­form min­is­ters of pol­icy op­tions? Can we can the no-do in­quiry dis­ease? Nola Croucher, Ken­more

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