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KA­T­RINA POUNDS US Flood­wa­ters from Ka­t­rina were over­whelm­ing lev­ees in cen­tral New Or­leans last night and the likely death toll from the cat­a­strophic hur­ri­cane climbed to 80 — with more deaths ex­pected as res­cuers reach the hard­est-hit ar­eas. The breach sent a churn­ing sea of wa­ter cours­ing across the western part of the city and res­i­dents who had rid­den out the brunt of Ka­t­rina faced a sec­ond, more in­sid­i­ous, threat as flood­wa­ters rose. At least one hos­pi­tal was evac­u­at­ing pa­tients by air.

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