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mark on your credit re­port.


If you’re drown­ing in debt or sim­ply don’t see a way out, there is help avail­able.

Fi­nan­cial coun­selling is a free ser­vice pro­vided by many or­gan­i­sa­tions.

Call Fi­nan­cial Coun­selling Aus­tralia on 1800 007 007 to find a coun­sel­lor near you. GIVEN the tur­moil on share mar­kets, it’s worth tak­ing a deep breath and re­mind­ing our­selves of the golden rules of share in­vest­ing. 1. Do your home­work … don’t buy or sell on ru­mour, hunch or im­pulse. 2. Bal­ance the risk and re­ward … look closely at past per­for­mance and fu­ture prospects and if the worry of your shares fall­ing keeps you awake at night, don’t buy them. 3. Keep check­ing af­ter you’ve bought … things can change. 4. Be pa­tient … don’t ex­pect to be­come wealthy overnight. 5. Don’t for­get, shares can bring in­come and cap­i­tal ap­pre­ci­a­tion. 6. Be alert to trends … try to put po­lit­i­cal, eco­nomic and sci­en­tific events through an in­vest­ment fil­ter. 7. Be pre­pared for the un­ex­pected … re­view the sit­u­a­tion promptly be­fore tak­ing any ac­tion. 8. Don’t try to back ev­ery horse in the race … it is bet­ter to hold a smaller port­fo­lio of shares you are com­fort­able with than to try and back all in the hope of a win­ner. 9. Check the en­vi­ron­ment. Don’t buy a share just be­cause it looks cheap. 10. Take a loss quickly … don’t let pride or stub­born­ness pre­vent you from ac­cept­ing a mis­take and cor­rect­ing it. 11. Con­sider up­grad­ing your port­fo­lio regularly. 12. Fol­low the mar­ket … don’t try to beat the trend. 13. Take a profit. It is bet­ter to make a lit­tle less profit by selling too soon than to take the greater risk.

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