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Boo­ing and bar­rack­ing part of the game


SYD­NEY Swans star Adam Goodes was booed again at the week­end ( C-M, Aug 31).

Re­ally? I’m a life­long Swans sup­porter, and play­ers such as Lance Franklin and Lewis Jetta, as well as the Hawks’ Sam Mitchell, get booed ev­ery match.

NRL play­ers also get booed ev­ery game too.

Goodes kicked three great goals against the Saints and was booed.

Big deal. Goodes ig­nored the boos.

Sup­port­ers are sick of the AFL’s hyp­o­crit­i­cal in­ter­fer­ence in the cul­ture of boo­ing and bar­rack­ing which is a part of all football codes.

The AFL have an ob­ses­sion with “pro­tect­ing” one player from boo­ing.

What a joke. Just let fans be fans. Ge­orge Har­rod, Ca­bool­ture

ADAM Goodes re­turns to the field and so does the boo­ing.

One has to won­der about the up­bring­ing – or the lack of it – of these dregs of so­ci­ety who will boo another hu­man for no other ap­par­ent rea­son than pure ig­no­rance. Or worse still, just for a bit of a joke or a gig­gle.

How would they feel should their chil­dren come home from school or their work­place and say they had been booed and abused?

How many of them would go up to Goodes in the street or at a ho­tel and abuse him face to face?

Not one, I dare say, be­cause they are cow­ards with a wild-dog-pack men­tal­ity.

They need to watch their mouth and re­spect oth­ers. John McQueen, Red­bank Plains

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