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Stupid rules as­sist scams


VAR­I­OUS peo­ple in pre­vi­ous is­sues have re­sponded to the Word on the Street ques­tion: “What is the most stupid law, reg­u­la­tion or red tape you have to deal with in your life?”

I was con­fronted with a beauty.

Af­ter go­ing online and or­der­ing a prod­uct, I de­cided I no longer wanted that prod­uct due to the many add-ons in­volved.

I went to my bank the same day and asked to have pay­ment for the items, which had been or­dered, can­celled.

How­ever, I re­ceived my bank state­ment last Fri­day and no­ticed that pay­ment for the afore­said items was listed in the debit col­umn.

I ques­tioned my bank about this and was in­formed that the in­voice had to be paid be­fore it could be can­celled.

Surely this sort of mis­guided reg­u­la­tion is what en­ables scam artists to sur­vive.

Surely it’s also some­thing that could be easily rec­ti­fied. Dixon M. Hinch, Gladstone

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