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PLAY­ING CA­REER: 2009-present NRL GAMES: 72 PO­SI­TION: Cen­tre

Dale Co­p­ley has only played 72 NRL games since de­but­ing in 2009, but study­ing for two de­grees has not been a fac­tor in his av­er­age of fewer than 10 top-grade aap­pear­ances a sea­son. In­In­jury, not study, has cur­tailed a ca­reer that he hopes will con­tinue un­til he is able to tran­si­tion from play­ing footy to ad­min­is­ter­ingd law. ScS­cor­ing an OP3 in his fi­nal year at Wavell StS­tate High, Co­p­ley elected to study ph­phar­macy as he made his way through ththe Bron­cos ranks. But af­ter two years stus­tudy­ing part-time he found some eleele­ments of the course too dif­fi­cult. “TheTh science part of the course, pa­partic­u­larly facets such as lab work, was al­mal­most im­pos­si­ble to sched­ule be­cause of my football com­mit­ments,” he said. Not de­terred and de­ter­mined to con­tinue studstudy­ing, two years ago Dale opted to take on a law de­gree. “Law nor­mally takes four years, but as a part­part-time stu­dent mine will take eight,” he ex­plex­plained. “By tthen I will be in my early 30s and probprob­a­bly fin­ished play­ing rugby league, so my pplan is to hope­fully tran­si­tion from one ca­reeca­reer to another.” Dale ssays much of his law de­gree study can be dodone away from the univer­sity cam­pus. “I am able to swot over the books at home, or in tthe down time in air­port lounges or ho­tels while we are trav­el­ling. And the dis­cipdis­ci­pline of study­ing is also good for my footy,” he said.

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