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Hi Jonathan, The word, “con­scious­ness” is of­ten used in es­o­teric cir­cles as if there is some com­monly un­der­stood def­i­ni­tion, yet I be­come con­fused when I see it. “Con­scious­ness” is com­monly con­sid­ered a prop­erty that dis­tin­guishes hu­mans from the rest of



How much in­tel­lec­tual anal­y­sis should we ap­ply? Should we think long and hard about what has hap­pened, what is hap­pen­ing now and what is due to hap­pen next? Should we be draw­ing an in­fer­ence, learn­ing a les­son or pre-empt­ing a pos­si­bil­ity? It is al­ways wise to stand back and think but we should re­mem­ber that it may be wiser still to recog­nise that some things sim­ply make no sense, re­gard­less of how much con­tem­pla­tion and con­sid­er­a­tion we ap­ply. What is your heart say­ing now? Never mind why it is say­ing it, just heed it! Are you ready for a brand-new month? Make Septem­ber great! Call 1902 222 500.


Fairy tales are full of young men (and women) set­ting out to seek their for­tunes. Rarely do the tra­di­tional tales tell of he­roes (or hero­ines) sit­ting around, wait­ing for for­tune to turn up on their doorstep. What does this tell us? Are not such sto­ries a repos­i­tory of an­cient wis­dom, handed down for gen­er­a­tions to help ed­u­cate and in­form? Should we not heed them re­spect­fully? The cur­rent con­junc­tion of Venus and Mars in­sists that if you want to bring some­thing won­der­ful into your world to­day, you just have to make an ef­fort. Grab your chance to un­der­stand what’s hap­pen­ing. Call 1902 222 500.


Shadow is only ever cre­ated by light. If we look straight at a light, we can’t see the shadow. If we look at the shadow, the light dis­ap­pears. Is it pos­si­ble to have light with­out shadow? Per­haps, if there is enough of it and it is com­ing from ev­ery di­rec­tion. But there can be no shadow with­out light! With­out light, there is only dark­ness and dark­ness has no shade or sub­tlety. We know, be­yond all doubt, whether we are in it. Just as there is no ques­tion when all around is light. Shadow is con­fus­ing. Look, to­day, at what lies be­hind it. Your in-depth new Septem­ber forecast has news you’ve got to hear! Call 1902 1902 222 222 500. 500


The world, depend­ing on who you lis­ten to, is ei­ther a very com­pli­cated place or a very sim­ple one. There may be many con­vo­luted ar­gu­ments and ex­pla­na­tions that we must ab­sorb and un­der­stand if we are to fully ap­pre­ci­ate ev­ery nu­ance of what’s hap­pen­ing in our world. Yet our most ba­sic se­crets of suc­cess, our most use­ful codes of prac­tice and our most pro­duc­tive poli­cies, can of­ten all be sum­marised by a sin­gle, straight­for­ward, state­ment. Re­mem­ber, to­day, that liv­ing is all about giv­ing. Your month-ahead forecast is in­spir­ing. Call 1902 222 500.


Some­one else, fac­ing a sim­i­lar set of cir­cum­stances to those that now lie be­fore you, might not know what to do. Or they might re­spond in a very dif­fer­ent way. Your skill set may be un­usual, your knowl­edge base may be odd and your per­son­al­ity may be a lit­tle ec­cen­tric but that all just so hap­pens to qual­ify you, per­fectly, for the chal­lenge that you now need to rise to. Be­tween what you have ex­pe­ri­enced, what you un­der­stand and what you are nat­u­rally good at, you have all that you need to at­tain a sig­nif­i­cant suc­cess. I’ve got re­ally help­ful news for you. Call 1902 222 500.


Some peo­ple are sent to try us. And I don’t just mean judges! Although you could say that one of the most “try­ing” ten­den­cies that any per­son can dis­play might be the pre­dis­po­si­tion to­wards be­ing judge­men­tal. We weigh one another up. We ques­tion and doubt our friends, col­leagues and com­pan­ions. Whether we ap­prove or we dis­ap­prove, we al­low our­selves to be swayed by our opin­ions. Yet what right do we re­ally have to come to such con­clu­sions? Events, to­day, re­quire you to re­think your view in a pos­i­tive way. Let me tell you more. Call 1902 1902 222 222 500. 500


“The saloon doors are still swing­ing, though the tall fig­ure in the dark hat has fin­ished burst­ing through them and is now strid­ing pur­pose­fully to­wards the bar. A hush has fallen so swiftly that even the poker play­ers have paused their game and the pi­anist in the red braces has brought his tune to an abrupt end. All ears are strained to hear what the stranger has to say….” Well, I’m not promis­ing that your pro­nounce­ments will be met with quite such rev­er­ence to­day. But you may yet be sur­prised by the im­pact you can make! Let me tell you what’s hap­pen­ing in Septem­ber! Call 1902 222 500.


Peo­ple, it seems, love to make dis­tinc­tions. They draw lines, they de­clare def­i­ni­tions and they are per­haps a lit­tle overly fond, at times, of borders, bound­aries and bar­ri­ers. Many a psy­chol­o­gist might ar­gue that this is all an ex­ten­sion of the ba­sic urge to con­trol. How can any­one hope to keep or­der, if they don’t first agree about which or­der things need to be put in? But aren’t all laws made to be bro­ken? Don’t some rules cry out for ex­cep­tions? A case, to­day, can only be fairly judged on its in­di­vid­ual mer­its. Look­ing for­ward to Septem­ber? You will be soon! Let me tell you why. Call 1902 222 500.


Do you know what to ex­pect to­day? Why else are you turn­ing to your zo­diac forecast? Isn’t this the go-to place for any­one who re­quires ad­vice and in­sight about the fu­ture? You may have a view about what’s sup­posed to hap­pen and a belief, too, about how much of this you can in­flu­ence or al­ter. But does not life of­ten pro­vide us all with sober­ing re­minders of our own com­par­a­tive tiny size against the vast­ness of the cos­mos? Why can’t some un­ex­pected new de­vel­op­ment start to work in your favour to­day? It can! I have just recorded your heart­warm­ing, Septem­ber forecast. Call 1902 222 500.


Many rare re­sources may be at a pre­mium. We think there is only a small amount of gold left to be mined. But some things are never in short sup­ply. For as long as this earth keeps turn­ing, hu­man be­ings will find an end­less suc­ces­sion of new rea­sons to worry. And we can ex­pect, too, al­most all of those rea­sons to be ul­ti­mately ir­rel­e­vant. In so far as it is a part of hu­man na­ture, you may find it hard to be worry-free to­day, but if you at least re­mind your­self that most worry is need­less and ground­less, you will be cor­rect. It’s time to em­brace the fu­ture. I’ll ex­plain in your Septem­ber forecast. Call 1902 222 500.


They say that if we use our power of per­sua­sion and then de­velop the art of sug­ges­tion, we can talk any­one into any­thing. That may sound like a help­ful abil­ity to have but that, surely, de­pends on whether we know what it is that we want any­one else to do. What if we only want one thing – and that is sim­ply to know what it is that we re­ally want! Even the most tal­ented mind-con­troller can’t hyp­no­tise some­one else into help­ing them to know their own mind! To­day brings you in­sight into your­self. It may yet prove highly valu­able. There’s a lot to look for­ward to this month. Let me tell you more: 1902 222 500.


Some­thing some­one said once, is now what you need to know. If only you could re­mem­ber it! Yet rarely do our mem­o­ries re­spond well when we feel as if we are un­der pres­sure. The more you try to force your con­cen­tra­tion, the more it is likely to ob­ject and rebel. You must tease the an­swer from the depth of your sub­con­scious by putting your­self at ease, by de­cid­ing that it hardly mat­ters whether or not you ever ac­cess the in­for­ma­tion that must be locked in your head some­where. Go easy to­day, and ev­ery­thing will get eas­ier. Let me tell you more. Call 1902 222 500

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