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1 Who did Dar­ren Berry re­place as coach of the South­ern Red­backs cricket team? 2 Which three coun­tries share a bor­der with Eritrea? 3 Who played the role of Ivan Mi­lat in the 2015 minis­eries Catch­ing Mi­lat?

4 The niece of which for­mer US pres­i­dent founded FEED Projects? 5 Trap Team is the fourth in­stall­ment in which video game se­ries? 6 What term is used to de­scribe a per­son from El Salvador? 7 Barry Humphries is best known for por­tray­ing which two char­ac­ters? 8 The three main rock types are meta­mor­phic, sed­i­men­tary and what? 9 True or false: the TV se­ries The WotWots is set in a fish tank? 10 What is the of­fi­cial cur­rency of Saudi Ara­bia? 11 Which Aussie won the 2015 Bad­wa­ter Ul­tra­ma­rathon women’s event in 27 hours, 23 min­utes and 27 sec­onds? 12 Who were the two main stars in the 2001 movie The

Wed­ding Plan­ner?

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