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Fit­spo pages in­spire risk


TEENAGE girls who fol­low “fit­spi­ra­tion” pages on so­cial media are more likely to have eat­ing dis­or­ders, be bul­lied and use dan­ger­ous diet tricks.

The Bur­net In­sti­tute’s an­nual Sex, Drug and Rock ’n’ Roll Study found that, of the 1001 young Aus­tralians aged 15-29 years sur­veyed, more than a third fol­lowed health and fit­ness so­cial media pages.

The pages were most pop­u­lar among teenage girls, par­tic­u­larly those aged 15-17 years, with 57 per cent of young women lik­ing or fol­low­ing at least one “fit­spo” page.

But Dr Me­gan Lim, Bur­net head of sex­ual health and young peo­ple re­search, said the study found among these fans, 70 per cent re­ported mis­us­ing detoxes, lax­a­tives or diet pills, but were less likely to have en­gaged in binge drink­ing. Young peo­ple who had self-re­ported eat­ing dis­or­ders were two to three times more likely to like these pages.

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