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Ring­ing dan­ger for driv­ers


THE dou­ble de­merit points po­lice crack­down on re­peat mo­bile phone use by driv­ers un­for­tu­nately is needed.

What a shame ev­ery­one doesn’t have enough com­mon sense and ra­tio­nale to know that us­ing a mo­bile phone when be­hind the wheel of a ve­hi­cle is ask­ing for trou­ble in the form of a se­ri­ous road ac­ci­dent that they cause.

Talk­ing on one while driv­ing is bad enough, tex­ting is much worse again, and akin to driv­ing while un­der the in­flu­ence of al­co­hol at a high range.

Ev­ery­body needs to heed the mes­sage that mo­bile phones and driv­ing are a bad mix. Let the phone ring out, ig­nore the text alert tone, wait un­til you can pull over safely on the side of the road and then re­spond to a call or text.

Any rea­son­able per­son, whether their call or text to you is per­sonal or busi­ness re­lated, will not ex­pect you to break the law, risk a $353 fine and the loss of at least three de­merit points, pos­si­bly six.

Who­ever they are, they can wait. Tim Badrick, Too­goolawah

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