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7 New se­ries is ba­si­cally Real Housewives of Long Is­land, fo­cus­ing on a clique that goes way back. Cori speaks into a trans­la­tion app to harp at her Latino maid. Andi sleeps in the same bed as her iden­tikit “live-in friend”. Su­san is “like a mob wife” and “not classy”. Gail is onto her sec­ond doc­tor ... If your brain doesn’t leak out your ear like Su­san’s im­plant leaked out her chest, you’re set.

(CC) (Fi­nal) Af­ter six weeks, the top young spell­ers are put through their paces in the Grand Fi­nal of the com­pe­ti­tion.

(M, R, CC) Gibbs’ arch­neme­sis, Sergei, is the prime sus­pect in an ex­plo­sion at a global sum­mit. 10.00 NCIS: Los An­ge­les. 11.00 NCIS: Los An­ge­les. 12.00 The Pro­ject. 1.00 The Talk. 2.00 Home Shop­ping.




12.00 3.30


day’s news.

6.30 4.00 Life To­day With James

Ro­bi­son. 4.30 CBS This Morn­ing.

7.00 8.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 WorldWatch. Filipino News. 8.40 French News. Greek News. 10.30 Ger­man News. Span­ish News. 12.00 Ara­bic News. Turk­ish News. 1.00 The World From Above. France 24. 1.45 Jour­nal. 2.00 PBS News.

Al Jazeera. 3.30 The Hunt For AI. (PG) A Year In The Wild. Cy­cling. (CC) La Vuelta a Es­pana. Stage 16. Luarca to Er­mita del Alba, Quirós. 185 km moun­tain stage. High­lights. 6.00 Nigella Feasts. 6.30 World News. 7.30 Who Do You Think You Are? Peter Row­sthorn. (CC) Peter Row­sthorn is de­lighted to dis­cover his fam­ily tree con­tains two con­victs.

(CC) Pre­sen­ter Jenny Brockie is joined by a panel of guests to dis­cuss the topic of wills.

(CC) In­ter­na­tional cur­rent af­fairs. 10.00 World News. (CC) 10.30 Rec­tify. (PG, CC) 11.20 Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Mel­bourne Bitesize. (CC) 11.30 Soc­cer. (CC) World Cup 2018

Qual­i­fier. Ta­jik­istan v Aus­tralia. 2.15 Tabloid. (Mans, R, CC) 3.50 Pet Shop Boys Cu­bism. 5.00 Korean News. 5.35 Ja­panese News.


Ent. Tonight. (PG) Huey. Ben’s Menu. Bold. (R, CC) Fam­ily Feud. (R, CC) Stu­dio 10. (PG, CC) The Great Aus­tralian Spell­ing Bee. (R, CC) Dr Phil. (PGal, R, CC)

Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals. (R, CC) Ent. Tonight. (PG, CC) The Doc­tors. (PGa, R, CC) Judge Judy. (PG, CC) GCBC. (R, CC) Ben’s Menu. (CC) Bold. (CC) News. (CC)

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