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1. Sur­name of the per­son played by Jason Dono­van in MDA. 5. Per­son played by Paul Guil­foyle in the se­ries CSI: Crime Scene In­ves­ti­ga­tion. (3,5) 9. Ac­tor Myles Pol­lard’s char­ac­ter in McLeod’s Daugh­ters. (4,4) 10. In The Millers, who plays Tom Miller? His last name is Bridges. 11. In White Col­lar, Matt Bomer was _ Caffrey. 12. Ac­tor who is Paul Robin­son in Neigh­bours: Ste­fan _. 13. Fam­ily Law char­ac­ter: Danni _. 15. She was Mac Tay­lor’s part­ner in CSI: NY: Stella _. 17. He is a panel mem­ber in QI: _ Davies. 18. In Cold Case, De­tec­tive _ Vera was played by Jeremy Ratch­ford. 19. Ac­tor Derek Fowlds was Os­car _ in Heart­beat. 20. Per­son played by Jane Krakowski in Ally McBeal. (First name) 21. Ac­tor who was De­tec­tive Don­ald Flack Jr in 15 across. His first name is Ed­die. 22. Ben­jamin Bar­ber is _ Law­son in 12 across. 23. Se­ries with the Man­ning and Samm­ler fam­i­lies: _ And Again. 24. Played Char­lotte Beau­mont in All Saints. (First name) 25. Si­grid _ was Laura Gib­son in SeaChange.


2. Erik Thom­son was Jack Jaf­fers in this show: The _. 3. Played Mr Bean in the se­ries of the same name. (Last name) 4. Scorpion ac­tor who is Wal­ter O’Brien: _ Gabel. 5. In Friends, she was Rachel Green. (8,7) 6. Ac­tor who is Vic East­ley in Glitch. (Last name) 7. In Pri­vate Prac­tice, who plays Dr Cooper Freedman? (Last name) 8. Pic­tured ac­tor. (Last name) 14. Ash­ley Madekwe is Ash­ley _ in Re­venge. 15. He was Jimmy Berluti in

The Prac­tice. First name is Michael. 16. Mae Whit­man’s role in Par­ent­hood. (5,4) 18. ER ac­tor who was Dr John Carter. (4,4) 21. She was Piper Hal­li­well in Charmed. (Last name)

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