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2 The queen starts to at­tend univer­sity and stands alone 7 Such an old char­ac­ter and first to move quickly 8 Left Ian to ham­mer it home 9 The French mother meets a Ti­betan priest 10 Both the saint and the alien have to let it stand 11 The tiny ad which was seen to have such del­i­cate charm 13 Go in­side later and you’ll see it’s very live­able 16 Even the French can see the num­ber re­quired here 18 A young horse can be given the gun 19 Coun­try where I joined the navy 20 It spoils Big Red 21 Trans­mit it with the ends in­cluded 22 Said to take most of the lead


1 How to keep alive when in a jam 2 Ex­cept if the United Na­tions has fewer to han­dle 3 One at­trac­tion seen to be kept tidy 4 One in four learn in about four years 5 Lis­ten, here’s how to be uni­formly at­tired 6 Failed to hit it be­cause of the fog, we hear 12 You meet Lee and Get tidy for Christ­mas 14 Put your money in your un­der­wear 15 Was pressed to do the laun­dry fi­nally 17 Do get Capone to carry the bur­den 18 Mostly cause it to be heard in court


2 Hav­ing no equal 7 An­cient al­pha­bet char­ac­ter 8 Fas­tener 9 Ti­betan holy man 10 Let it stand 11 Of del­i­cate charm 13 Used for dwelling 16 Cricket team 18 Young horse 19 Coun­try 20 Planet 21 Trans­mit 22 Con­verses


1 Keep alive 2 Ex­cept if 3 Tidy 4 Oc­cur­ring four-yearly 5 Join up 6 Thin fog 12 Christ­mas sea­son 14 Fur­nish with au­thor­ity 15 Pressed cloth­ing 17 Bur­den 18 Law­suit

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