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MH370 de­bris ver­i­fi­ca­tion of­fers re­lief to wait­ing fam­i­lies


CON­FIR­MA­TION a Boe­ing 777 flap­eron found on Re­union Is­land in July is from MH370 has given fam­i­lies con­fi­dence the search for the miss­ing plane is hap­pen­ing in the right place.

French pros­e­cu­tors yesterday said that they were sat­is­fied the part had come from the Malaysia Air­lines jet be­cause the se­rial num­bers matched.

Deputy Prime Min­is­ter War­ren Truss said the “sig­nif­i­cant an­nounce­ment” had con­firmed be­yond doubt that MH370 was lost at sea.

“This is ob­vi­ously a very dif­fi­cult mo­ment for the fam­i­lies of those (239 peo­ple) who were on board,” he said.

“But it does in fact pro­vide some de­gree of clo­sure for them that they have an as­sur­ance about what has hap­pened in the last hours of the flight.

For the daugh­ter of Bris­bane cou­ple Bob and Cathy Law­ton, many ques­tions still re­main about her par­ents’ fate as they flew from Kuala Lumpur to Bei­jing.

Amanda Law­ton said not know­ing had been ex­tremely hard on all fam­i­lies in­volved.

“We’ve ac­cepted they have passed away,” she said. “Bu­tut we still des­per­ately seek thee find­ings of the lo­ca­tion of thee ac­tual air­craft to know where e their rest­ing place is and also,o, im­por­tantly, to learn why this s has hap­pened to them.”

Melia Bur­rows, whosee par­ents Rod and Mary weree trav­el­ling with the Law­tons,, said the state­ment by the French pro­vided hope the air­craft would be found.

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 ??  ?? SEARCH: The flap­eron (top); and Bob and Cathy Law­ton.
SEARCH: The flap­eron (top); and Bob and Cathy Law­ton.

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