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In death, lit­tle Ay­lan sends sad mes­sage around globe


JUST when we thought hu­man life couldn’t be ren­dered any cheaper, we wit­nessed the im­age of a Turk­ish po­lice of­fi­cer (pic­tured) car­ry­ing the body of three-year-old Ay­lan Kurdi and re­mov­ing him from a beach ( C-M, Sep 4).

In death, the lit­tle boy was han­dled sen­si­tively. In life, it’s a dif­fer­ent mat­ter.

As I write, hu­mans are be­ing dis­lo­cated and tossed around like un­wanted bot­tles and wrap­pers. It’s not about pol­i­tics any more. It’s not about for­eign pol­icy. It’s not about the UNHCR. It’s not about in­ces­sant doc­u­men­taries on TV.

Don’t spec­u­late what World War III will look like be­cause it’s the list­less, un­wanted, cheaply-wasted life of a beau­ti­ful three-year-old boy called Ay­lan. This planet makes me sick. THE photo of Ay­lan Kurdi’s life­less body be­ing car­ried by a Turk­ish po­lice of­fi­cer was cer­tainly dis­tress­ing.

This car­ing po­lice of­fi­cer car­ried lit­tle Ay­lan with com­pas­sion.

Dur­ing his short life, Ay­lan would have ex­pe­ri­enced hor- ror that no child should ever have to en­dure.

In the af­ter­math of flee­ing a coun­try taken over by ISIS ex­trem­ists, we saw an act of kind­ness to a life­less body. THE body of lit­tle Ay­lan Kurdi is not only a wake-up call for Canada and Europe, it begs the ques­tion of what Aus­tralia is do­ing for asy­lum seek­ers.

Push­ing the boats back to our north­ern neigh­bours is short term and merely means bury­ing our heads in the sand.

If Aus­tralia can take a lead role in the MH17 tragedy then couldn’t For­eign Min­is­ter Julie Bishop do the same in lead­ing a mul­ti­lat­eral so­lu­tion to the mount­ing refugee tragedy?

Send­ing F18s to bomb ISIS may look good but we need lead­er­ship in deal­ing with the big­ger pic­ture.

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