$25m for Qan­tas boss a flight of fancy

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IF QAN­TAS boss Alan Joyce can be paid an ob­scene $25 mil­lion, then it’s ob­vi­ous ticket prices are too high, and any claim that they aren’t is just hypocrisy.

Halve his salary – $12 mil­lion is still too much – and halve ticket prices, and give bet­ter service to the pub­lic, in­stead of look­ing af­ter the elite and wealthy. C. Dicker, Bracken Ridge I RESPECTFULLY ask: Is there a CEO of any busi­ness in Aus­tralia worth $25 mil­lion a year in pay?

Ask pen­sion­ers who do not have enough money to pay their elec­tric­ity bills let alone buy food; or those on wel­fare pay­ments that the LNP Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment is now at­tack­ing again; or the low­paid work­ers strug­gling to make ends meet who had their take-home wages gut­ted by a ruth­less and hope­less – but well paid – Fair Work Com­mis­sion that cut penalty rates; or per­haps the BCC bus driv­ers who fought hard to fi­nally come to an am­i­ca­ble out­come to re­cent in­dus­trial ac­tion for not only a fairer wage sys­tem, but more pro­tec­tion from be­ing bashed while in charge of a bus or in their own de­pot.

Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qan­tas, is the new $25 mil­lion man of Aus­tralian in­dus­try and apart from a cream pie in the face one day he has never been bashed do­ing his job or ever had to fight and put his job on the line to get wage se­cu­rity.

Salaries of tens of mil­lions of dol­lars for CEOs who don’t even get their hands dirty is ab­so­lutely grotesque. Les Bryant, Du­rack

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