Let’s go back to or­gan­ics

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BE­FORE 1950 our food was grown in soils rich in nat­u­ral min­er­als, giv­ing what we ate good­ness and a beau­ti­ful taste.

Now through mod­ern chem­i­cal farm­ing meth­ods our flavour­less, min­eral-poor food in­creases the in­ci­dence of dis­eases.

If our food was rich in nat­u­ral el­e­ments our bod­ies would keep well, mend them­selves and we all would do and feel much bet­ter, visit the doc­tor less of­ten, sav­ing money and giv­ing time to more im­por­tant and en­joy­able things.

Yes, our su­per­mar­kets are full of beau­ti­ful look­ing shiny fruit and veg of all types from around the world but we seem to have for­got­ten some­thing along the way ... nu­tri­tion.

Good or­ganic min­eral rich food should not cost more. It should be a ba­sic right of every Aus­tralian not some­thing in a spe­cial depart­ment at an in­flated price. It is not dif­fi­cult to grow min­eral rich crops or­gan­i­cally, as seaweed that grows in every ocean of our planet is a nat­u­ral fer­tiliser. Gra­hame West. Raven­shoe

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