Are you feel­ing hip-pocket pain fuel from the price cy­cles?

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DEN­NIS: I don’t much at the mo­ment be­cause I’m not driv­ing and we have the world’s small­est car.

SU­SAN: I was go­ing to say that – Paul made a joke that you drive an egg on wheels any­way, so it prob­a­bly costs noth­ing.

DEN­NIS: We fill it up once ev­ery 2½ months. But I do notice it on my very ir­reg­u­lar vis­its to the petrol sta­tion. When I look at the price of a litre of fuel – after hear­ing that on the world mar­ket, fuel has reached a new low over the past six months – it doesn’t quite com­pute. And it’s a con­stant marvel that all of th­ese fuel com­pa­nies de­cide at the same time to put their prices at the same level.

PAUL: I’m at the other end of the spec­trum as my car con­sumes high­oc­tane fuel faster than I can drink beer on a hot sum­mer’s af­ter­noon. The wrong time of the cy­cle re­ally is quite no­tice­able for me – and now they’re whack­ing it up around 30¢ a litre. I don’t know what you can do about it. I’m just lucky I live near a train sta­tion and don’t have to drive to work each day.

SU­SAN: I’m in the same boat as I’m in the Val­ley precinct so I can walk and I don’t use my car a lot. But I’m al­ways sur­prised when I go to fill up again how ex­pen­sive it is – it’s amaz­ingly ex­pen­sive.

PAUL: It’s not all the fuel com­pa­nies’ fault ei­ther. The only thing that is a con­stant with fuel prices is the ever-in­creas­ing excise.

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