Mam­mals’ top threat

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DE­VEL­OP­ERS will be able to bet­ter see the toll their plans could take on thou­sands of mam­mal species, as a re­sult of a study which found hu­man land use was the sin­gle big­gest threat to species sur­vival.

Re­searchers have found that hu­mans pose the most risk to wip­ing out 4421 mam­mal species, af­ter com­par­ing changes in land use be­tween 1993 and 2009, and chances of ex­tinc­tion from 1996 to 2008.

“They can tol­er­ate some hu­man pres­sure but be­yond, where we start to see in­dus­try, it be­comes a dis­as­ter. There is a clear tip­ping point,” Univer­sity of Queens­land Pro­fes­sor James Wat­son said. “How we change land use im­pacts them”.

It also found big data can be used to pre­dict their sur­vival.

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