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TWO-THIRDS of fines is­sued to driv­ers caught us­ing mo­bile phones re­cently have been re­ferred to SPER (C-M, Aug 10).

SPER’s debt has dou­bled in the past five years with 1.5 mil­lion cases on their books and $1.3 bil­lion owed.

One may ask, why do we at­tempt to ed­u­cate driv­ers and con­tin­u­ally in­crease fines if a ma­jor­ity of those who are caught ig­nor­ing our road rules are only asked to pay back a few dol­lars a week and many con­tinue to rack up fines.

A ma­jor­ity will have no rea­son­able prospect of ever pay­ing these fines in full.

So the mea­sure of ed­u­ca­tion through fines as a de­ter­rent is sim­ply wa­ter off a duck’s back for many.

A huge fi­nan­cial crash is headed our way and it will hit the third who pay their fines the worst.

Al­lan Gray, Colling­wood Park

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