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The Range Rover of ‘Lady’ Ara­bella Saun­ders is hurtling out of con­trol

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“Watch out,” shouted Nick as Bax­ter jumped and bumped the brawl­ing fig­ures of Wendy O’Dea and Tam­sin Mal­lory clear of the speed­ing car. Nick grabbed La Contessa and pulled her into the hedge as the blue Range Rover hur­tled across the road and Tboned the new BMW, pin­ning it to a now bent lamp post. Stand­ing, shocked and shaking be­hind the lamp post that saved him, Ge­or­gios Pa­padakis let out an an­guished howl.

“Oh no, not again. My new car, it was beau­ti­ful and now it is crushed,” he slowly sank to his knees. “I thought when the girl was ar­rested I would be safe to try again. But no.”

“Is that the fifth one that’s been writ­ten off?” asked Nick, emerg­ing from the bushes and pulling La Contessa clear. “Bit of a rough trot.”

Bax­ter was wag­ging his tail and bark­ing at the two young women he had saved as Nick rushed over to the driver’s door of the Range Rover and yanked it hard to re­veal ‘Lady’ Ara­bella sur­rounded by in­flated airbags.

“I’m so sorry, I saw those two girls fight­ing and I lost con­trol,” she said shak­ily. “Is any­body hurt?”

“For­tu­nately no,” said Nick, help­ing her from the car. “Why did see­ing them throw you so badly? Is it be­cause you all shared the same lover?”

“Nicky! Now is not the time,” said La Contessa, rush­ing over to help ‘Lady’ Ara­bella from the car. “Can’t you see she is badly shaken?”

“That’s ex­actly why now is the time,” said Nick with a shake of his head. “Some­thing does not add up here.”

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