The Courier-Mail : 2020-08-11



3 HIBERNATIO­N 25 COURIERMAI­L.COM.AU TUESDAY AUGUST 11 2020 Wilson Phillips Former ABC foreign correspond­ent Lisa Millar clocks up a year on ABC News Breakfast next week, taking early mornings, coronaviru­s scares and co-host Michael Rowland’s dad jokes in her stride as the show’s ratings hit new heights t . A .T. u LISTENING G Who isn’t listening to Taylor Swift’s Folklore? I wasn’t much of a fan until I saw the documentar­y Miss Americana where she opens up her life — well, as much as she wants to. But with Folklore she makes us all feel like we’ve wasted our isolation and she whips out some awesome lyrics — “Dancin’ in your Levi’s, drunk under a street-light”. Bananarama e WATCHING If you haven’t jumped on the Schitt’s Creek bandwagon then do so — right now. Seriously, it’s the most heartfelt, funny, endearing program on television. You’ll want the Rose family to adopt you. I started watching at the beginning of the first iso when viewers wrote into News Breakfast and recommende­d it as a mustwatch. By the end of iso I’d watched every season and I wept that there was no more. How can they leave us like that? Sob. Watch out for some mega action at the Emmys. They’ll deserve every one of them. I’m also re-watching Brooklyn 99 because we need some light relief. Destiny's Child Spice Girls 16 READING Trying not to be so totally distracted that all I’m reading is social media. A friend looked at my bookcase a while ago and said: “So you read anything that wasn’t written by a journalist?” He had a point. I’ve got books by ABC journos Mark Willacy, Sally Sara, Zoe Daniel, Mark Colvin, but the most recent book I read was Questions Of Travel by Michelle de Kretser. It won the Miles Franklin in 2013 so it’s not new but it’s the travel book you have when you can’t travel. MAKING First iso I went on a baking spree and made banana cakes and chocolate cakes and lemonade scones. But now I’m being good to my neighbourh­ood (that’s what I’m telling myself) and buying lots of takeaway, especially Indian and Thai. My friend Hamish Macdonald, presenter of Q+A, and his boyfriend Jacob sent me a huge box of fruit and vegetables as a ‘sorry you’re in iso’ gift so I’ve made leek quiche and plenty of roasted vegetables. The freezer is full. NEWS BREAKFAST, 6AM-9AM, WEEKDAYS, ABC V1 - BCME01Z01M­A PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW